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Recent content by Dannmann801

  1. Dannmann801

    Jersey Bears Up and About

    I wonder if a tazer works on a bear? :rolleyes: You'd catch some :poop: for shooting a bear for stealing your snacks, but tazing?
  2. Dannmann801

    NSFW - Nothing about Nothing

    Starts with "BL" .... ends with "AFFLE".... rhymes with "awful" ;)
  3. Dannmann801

    NRA insurance

    In all seriousness, you are very correct to be troubled by this report. Is the state of NY fining these companies for participating in something illegal or improper? Have laws been broken? I'd like a little more context if anyone knows. I hate the huge billboards like the one off of I-75 near...
  4. Dannmann801

    The loss of a C-130

    When I heard the news on the radio my first thought was about J, and wondering if he would have known any of the personnel or unit involved. I'm sorry about our collective loss.
  5. Dannmann801

    Gun Light review-

    If there's not a TS store near ya - https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/jobsmart-pro-series-tac-360-led-weapon-light
  6. Dannmann801

    NSFW - Meme Wars

    Ouch - Don't matter, at least he shoots straight, just ask dem deerz
  7. Dannmann801

    NSFW - Nothing about Nothing

  8. Dannmann801

    FDE Glock 27 carry rig....$400

  9. Dannmann801

    Happy birthday

    Life is good, yes. :cool: Best wishes bro.
  10. Dannmann801

    An Old Guns First Bird.

    Joe, I'll bet you know someone who has a reloader for shotgun shells - could you work up your own turkey load? I've not reloaded shotgun shells, only pistol and rifle, so I don't know the answer, but my guess is probably? I'd be interested to hear folks weigh in on this -
  11. Dannmann801

    Silicone Rings

    Thanks for starting this thread Jim. I don't wear my wedding ring and although she accepts it, my wife hates it. When I was young I was "scared straight" by all the safety videos of people getting their shit torn off. And I just hate the feel of jewelry anyway. So I goes on Amazon, and two...
  12. Dannmann801

    Lend a hand?

    Which day you going down Ric?
  13. Dannmann801

    Lend a hand?

    What time do you think you'll be starting on Saturday?
  14. Dannmann801

    It has arrived. My first buck

    Well done! :smiley_coolpeace:
  15. Dannmann801

    A happy birthday shout out

    Brock is my hero. Happy Birthday Hero!