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  1. bowhunter1023

    What's For Dinner?

    One of my goals this year was to have 80% of my calories for the year qualify as "clean" eating. So far, I'm on pace to make that happen despite a rough few weeks to start the year. I'm still fasting on Mondays and came off a 20 hour fast with this meal. A 1# chicken breast with bacon and...
  2. bowhunter1023

    Fletch and BigSlams Illinois adventure

    Love the CRP ground. Wish we had more of that around here! Nice work on the whistle pig! :ROFLMAO:
  3. bowhunter1023

    Spencie's 2018 Turkeys

    Great videos Mike. The 3 strutters are as good as it gets! Do you locate these cams in the same places every year or are you picking up on sign and hanging over the sign?
  4. bowhunter1023

    Proposed Deer Seasons and bag limits

    The people that made the rules probably can't answer that question logically...
  5. bowhunter1023

    Ohio Habitat Work

    Looks like a damn good time! Perfect weekend to be working outside too! Well done, sir.
  6. bowhunter1023

    Help with broadleaf intrusion...

    I know mowing is the preferred control mechanism for managing broadleaf weeds, but I have some real invasive types in my big plot (one resembles something from the thistle family, the others are curly dock and spruge) and mowing is a bit of an issue on this plot. I've applied Clethodim for the...
  7. bowhunter1023

    TOO Homesteading

    Classic. 😂
  8. bowhunter1023

    TOO Homesteading

    We went in to winter with 4 hens, 2 australorps and 2 Rhode island reds, and they made it through with no issues. My SIL works at TSC, so she snagged us some chicks (more like rescued the remaining ones from last year) and raised them for us since I wasn't raising chicks again this winter. Went...
  9. bowhunter1023

    Happy St. Patrick's Day TOOville!

    You guys drunk? Never... 😂
  10. bowhunter1023

    Enjoy the white gold.

    Definitely share some of the story, especially since Cutler is the center of the universe and apparently, also center of the shed universe! Wondered if these would surface after I heard about them through the grapevine. Small world.
  11. bowhunter1023

    What's good TOO?

    She turned 1 on February 19. She's a ham and is as good natured as they come, but has a fiery temper. K is super laid back at all times, but Kenna will give you the piss and vinegar if she doesn't like what's going on. Thankfully, that's a rarity and she's generally happy and all smiles.
  12. bowhunter1023

    What's good TOO?

    Had a craving from my childhood the other day and made it a reality today. First time either of the girls have had them. Buckwheat pancakes with maple syrup. TOO damn good!
  13. bowhunter1023

    Truck topper

    A nod to A.R.E. is that they are made here in Ohio, and their headquarters are also here in Ohio. Leer is a PA company.
  14. bowhunter1023

    Seasoning Cast Iron Cookware.

    I too went to the oven for bacon. Cookie cooling rack on a cook it sheet lined with tin foil. Easy clean up!
  15. bowhunter1023

    What's For Dinner?

    In the oven at 225 for a little while. Probably be done around 6:30
  16. bowhunter1023

    Happy St. Patrick's Day TOOville!

    Today is arguably my favorite holiday. I'm very proud of my Irish blood. Other than painting and trim work while wearing green and listening to Celtic radio on Pandora, here's how I'm celebrating. Everyone enjoy their night!
  17. bowhunter1023

    Seasoning Cast Iron Cookware.

    Dude, perfect timing! Thanks for sharing and great write up! 👏
  18. bowhunter1023

    Cold Smoking

    Good stuff Jamie!
  19. bowhunter1023

    TOO Projects Thread

    We're hoping to list our house in June, so I have some projects to take care of before then. Working on our straiway today. Paint and trim need redone. Grabbed the trim I bought this morning and within 20 minutes, had perfectly matched the stain. That year I spent working at Sherwin-Williams...
  20. bowhunter1023

    Cold Smoking

    I bet it smells amazing at your place right now!