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  1. jagermeister

    Rusty Trailer - Need Painting Advice

    That makes sense to me Joe. I totally get what you're saying.
  2. jagermeister

    Rusty Trailer - Need Painting Advice

    This is the approach I'm going to go with I think. It's a $700 utility trailer... I knew what it was when I bought it. But I'm not going to go through the hassle of painting it just to watch it rust again in 6 months. Just because it's a cheap trailer doesn't mean I shouldn't invest some time...
  3. jagermeister

    Happy Father's Day

    Had our 6th annual Father's Day sporting clays shoot this morning. Great time as always. Have a good day today fellas!
  4. jagermeister

    Rusty Trailer - Need Painting Advice

    It's all pretty light rust, all on the surface, so I don't think sandblasting is necessary. It's basically a brand new trailer. They just put a shit paint job on it. I think I'm going to check on some prices at the paint store and maybe take Jaime's approach. If the por-15 is cheaper I may go...
  5. jagermeister

    Rusty Trailer - Need Painting Advice

    Hmmm. Got any before/after pics?
  6. jagermeister

    Rusty Trailer - Need Painting Advice

    Did some reading... General consensus is POR-15 can't be applied to smooth or painted surfaces. And it's very expensive. And it supposedly fades in the sun. I'm not interested in stripping all the existing paint off the trailer so this rules out the POR-15. It sounds like a great product...
  7. jagermeister

    Rusty Trailer - Need Painting Advice

    I bought this utility trailer from TSC just after Christmas and the Ohio salt roads have not been kind. I hauled the quad a half dozen times or so to go ice fishing and this is the result. It's a decent little trailer but obviously the manufacturer skimps on the protective coating. I don't think...
  8. jagermeister

    ATV, UTV, compact tractor, WTF?

    Well... That escalated quickly. [emoji23] Congrats Jamie!
  9. jagermeister

    Michigan to ban baiting

    It's all politics. Decisions based on politics instead of science. The DNR can get baiting banned, but the deer farms have too much political power for anyone to stop them. It's all bullshit. And anyone that defends the deer farms has obviously not been around enough of them. Yea, there's some...
  10. jagermeister

    The 102 2018

    Electric fence, or plant a bigger field. Not much else you can do.
  11. jagermeister

    Shit Jobs.

    Sorted peaches all summer at the local orchard when I was 12. Spent the days trying to decipher Spanish and would go home itching like I swam through fiberglass insulation. Made $1.25 per hour and the owner once yelled at me for not knowing how to run a pallet jack. I was 12, motherfucker...
  12. jagermeister

    Show us your wood (pile)

    Those dead trees make me nervous as all get out. Definitely add some pucker factor. Nice work!
  13. jagermeister

    Camera Brands.

  14. jagermeister

    Small Engine Repair Help!!!

    Very strange. Fires with a few drops of gas but not starting fluid? Never have I seen such a thing. It has to be somehow related to you hitting that rock. If not that would be one heck of a coincidence.
  15. jagermeister

    Small Engine Repair Help!!!

    Have you tried starting fluid in the air intake and if so did the engine fire? If it did, your issue is obviously fuel related. Did you put gas in it? [emoji23] Sorry, couldn't resist. Seriously though, before getting too carried away with relays and wiring, double check the basics like your...
  16. jagermeister

    What size boat

    Ahhhhhh come on... Where's your sense of adventure?!?! [emoji23] Cinch up the lifejacket straps and call 'er good.
  17. jagermeister

    Bullet fragment

    That is weird. Never seen a solid copper slug fragment. But I've only got experience with Barnes and Federal.
  18. jagermeister

    What size boat

    I don't care what size boat you're in, fishing the lake in a stiff north wind isn't fun at all. It can be done. And I've done it my fair share of times. But it's just not worth the beating. Plenty of other nice days in a summer.
  19. jagermeister

    Bullet fragment

    Well yea, they bounce back out... so no worries there. [emoji23] --- This is one reason why I prefer a copper solid bullet for deer. No fragments. I shoot so many birds and waterfowl each year... I have enough pellets to worry about. Don't need them showing up in my venison too.