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  1. Archertl

    What's For Dinner?

    Its just a ribeye with the rib attached. Some yuppie place in California started serving them like that and it got popular.
  2. Archertl

    What's For Dinner?

    Fish tacos.
  3. Archertl

    What do you do for a living?

    I am a C-17 Crew Chief in the USAF.
  4. Archertl


    Video games have come a long way that almost looks real.
  5. Archertl

    ???? What is this.

    Looks like a red heeler to me too.
  6. Archertl

    Coyote trapping with little cover.

    I attached a few pictures of what this farm is like. Thanks for the advice i really have never trapped coyotes or used snares often. I mostly trapped furbearers around water. I already placed a snare where they got in. Iacey and i did some tracking and found two more places they have been...
  7. Archertl

    Coyote trapping with little cover.

    One of the farms i work at lost 7 lambs yesterday before sunrise to coyote. I have snares left over from when I trapped. However I have gotten rid of all my leg holds over the years. The farmer is nervous about leg holds. The trouble with this farm is there is very little cover to use as squeeze...
  8. Archertl

    Girls and The Appalachian Trail....

    I plan on either thru hiking the Appalachian trail or pacific crest trail when i retire from the military. I will likely do it alone with a dog. I have backpacked, hunted, and climbed in lots of extremely remote places. The AT and PCT are heavy enough that you are not in huge danger of dying of...
  9. Archertl

    LC9 anyone?

    I think the walther pps m2 is the best single stack strikerfire 9mm out there
  10. Archertl

    Caught a hawg today!!

    That is a monster bass congrats
  11. Archertl

    IKS and it's a pretty special DOUBLE

    Congrats carpn and son
  12. Archertl

    Mornin' geezer!

    Good morning
  13. Archertl

    The loss of a C-130

    They wont release anything official until the commanders of the effected squadrons have notifed next of kin. As well as brief personnel in those squadrons. The media is just using the police briefs which are often wrong.
  14. Archertl

    Vista outdoors caves

    What a mess.
  15. Archertl

    The loss of a C-130

    It has been a rough year for the military aviation community. These guys and their families are in my thoughts.
  16. Archertl

    Double on Opening Day

    Thats awesome congrats
  17. Archertl

    What's For Dinner?

    When I am on tdy i normally bring a crock pot with me. People give me a few bucks for grocery and ill the make meals. I can make all kind of meals in a crockpot. Today I'm making up some old fashioned Appalachian soup beans.
  18. Archertl

    Good day for my kids

    Congrats to your kids thats great.
  19. Archertl

    I know something.

    Congrats to you and your friend greg.
  20. Archertl

    As my wife says...Gun Porn!

    Nice Blackhawk sam. My cousin had a 3 screw blackhawk .45 LC we used to shoot a lot. I have been wanting to get a 1873 single action army clone. There is something cool about western revolvers. I also really want to make an old west style cartridge belt and holster.