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  1. cspot

    Imox Herbicide

    Clover is looking better and starting to fill in. Untitled by cspot12, on Flickr
  2. cspot

    Cutting the Cord: Eliminating cable or satellite...

    We ditched ours about 6 months ago. I bought a decent digital antenna from Wally World and we get quite a few of the network channels. We also have Hulu and Netflix. Saves alot of money per month. For sports I have found on reddit I can pretty much get free live streaming of any hockey or...
  3. cspot

    Michigan to ban baiting

    In PA where baiting is illegal we have stacks of deer corn, salt block, trophy rock, etc. You see alot of it going off the shelves about a week before rifle season. LOL.
  4. cspot

    What size boat

    I will admit that when it comes to boats, I really don't have much of a clue. Only boating I have ever really done is in a kayak or canoe and that has been on small streams or small lakes.
  5. cspot

    What size boat

    I wonder how they would be on the river. Honestly I wouldn't be out boating in bad conditions anyway.
  6. cspot

    What size boat

    What about pontoon boats? Seems they would be nice for the family.
  7. cspot

    Rusty Trailer - Need Painting Advice

    I agree. Brush it on and be done with it.
  8. cspot

    ATV, UTV, compact tractor, WTF?

    Nice tractor. That tractor is getting large enough though that you could do some serious work with it.
  9. cspot

    ATV, UTV, compact tractor, WTF?

    Saw a local ad today for someone selling a 4 wheeler. See if this is one you would want to buy. LOL. I am guess this thing has gotten abused slightly. "Last time i rode it i broke front axle and bendix. I have the bendix part, just no time to fix it. So front axle needs replaced. I have...
  10. cspot

    Bigtens 2018/2019 season

    Looks like those bucks have potential. The next couple of weeks they should put on alot of antler. Always seems like around July 4th you can start to tell really how good they are going to be.
  11. cspot

    Michigan to ban baiting

    Yes and alot is unknown about the disease. However if it can stay in the soil for 20 years and it is already there then I believe that is the equivalent to locking the barn door after the horse is out. Here are a couple articles from Dr. Kroll on CWD...
  12. cspot

    ATV, UTV, compact tractor, WTF?

    Looking at the polar trailers on Northern they all have high ratings which is a good thing.
  13. cspot

    ATV, UTV, compact tractor, WTF?

    That looks nice and low to the ground which is nice so you don't have to lift logs and deer so high to get them in.
  14. cspot

    ATV, UTV, compact tractor, WTF?

    Not a clue. What are you doing for a trailer to pull behind it?
  15. cspot

    Michigan to ban baiting

    My issue with feeding bans is that they only affect hunters. They won't stop Grandma from having her bird feeder out. As we all know deer congregate around them as well. Probably way more bird feeders out there than deer bait piles.
  16. cspot

    Camera Brands.

    We have 3 browning cameras and we love ours. Long battery life and good pictures. One issue that I once had with mine not taking hardly any pictures was with the SD card. If I used an SD card that was in a WIldgame Innovations trail camera, it wouldn't work in the Brownings. Now if I bring...
  17. cspot

    Michigan to ban baiting

    As many of you know I came from PA which allows no baiting. WHen I started in Ohio, I started baiting and assumed it would be easy to kill a deer and boy was I wrong. The deer are very weary of coming into them except for fawns. Adult deer sense the slightest thing wrong and they are out of...
  18. cspot

    The 102 2018

    Best method is an electric fence with a solar charger. Other than that I think most other methods may keep them out for a few days, but they end up figuring it out.
  19. cspot

    Visitor at Camp

    Well it has been about 4 weeks since we had any pics, so hopefully he has moved on. I plan on putting the feeders back out the next time I am down there.