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  1. Mike

    Cutting the Cord: Eliminating cable or satellite...

    My cord is cut..literally. Someone hit a fiber optic line in Waterville.🙄
  2. Mike

    Leather Plaque Mount

    The rack looks great
  3. Mike

    Happy Birthday Stache

    Happy birthday dooood
  4. Mike

    Grandma Strangles Rabid Bobcat.

    I got bit by a bobcat ( I mean a kitten) and did the round of rabies shots. I learned my lesson. Don't fugg with ferral cats.
  5. Mike

    Small Engine Repair Help!!!

    That sucks Chuck!
  6. Mike

    Shit Jobs.

    I hate my current job. Loathe it actually. At the same time I'm grateful for it. I'd rather clean toilets. Working on getting out.
  7. Mike

    Laminate Floor Leveling. Post Install.

    Damn fine job
  8. Mike

    What do you do for a living?

  9. Mike

    What do you do for a living?

    Art Director for a company that manufactures flexo printing plates and cutting dies for printing and cutting corrugated packing. Own a home inspection business, current side hustle.
  10. Mike

    Bullet fragment

    This is the first time I've ever bit down on a bullet fragment in my deer meat (burger).
  11. Mike

    New Homepage.

    Looks good
  12. Mike

    NSFW - Nothing about Nothing

  13. Mike

    NSFW - Nothing about Nothing

    Since J is too busy now..
  14. Mike

    TOO Projects Thread

    Caulk is my bff.
  15. Mike

    Week 1 of retirement

    Hells yes
  16. Mike


    I've never pulled a tick off the dog. I found #2 today. Fugg ticks!!!
  17. Mike


    Fugg ticks.
  18. Mike

    Official TOO Catch Thread

  19. Mike

    Turkey decoys

    Nice barter deal. Good stuff.