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  1. bigten05

    Who's shooting? Tuning? Tinkering?

    I've started shooting and redoing my little range in the yard. My daughter wants to start shooting the crossbow so I'm gonna get it out this weekend and dial it back in because I decided to mess with it last year at the end of season and had it all messed up. Her and my wife we're shooting it...
  2. bigten05

    Collecting Old Bottles.

    I have quite a few bolttles. Seems like I'm always picking them up in the woods when I see them. Mount Vernon had a glass factory and some of my uncle's and great uncle's worked there they have all kinds of coke and 7 up bottles all stamped with my Vernon on the bottom. My dad has an old dentist...
  3. bigten05

    Got a new toy. I've named him Chubby

    Man that looks good.
  4. bigten05

    Rusty Trailer - Need Painting Advice

    I just did this one at work man they are a pain. Your gonna have to clean that rust up good or it will come back. Sand blaster would be the best.
  5. bigten05

    Iowa_Buckeye's 2018 pics

    You always have some dandys good luck this season
  6. bigten05

    Bigtens 2018/2019 season

    I went and checked a few spots today after work. The cams had been out for a few weeks and I wanted to make sure they were all working before I let them soak til about the middle of July. I do have a few that are easy to check that I'll check more often to hold me over or give me and the kids...
  7. bigten05

    Lightest Climbing Stick ?

    pretty sure i seen them at rural king last season, or it was woodburry outfitters in coshocton don't know what store i was in since there both next to each other
  8. bigten05

    What do you do for a living?

    dont have any pics but im a foreman at a mine,different job each day kind of jack of all trades master of none around here.
  9. bigten05

    What's good TOO?

    one more day of work the im heading to kentucky to watch my buddy race. hes got his car workin good so hopefully he makes some good passes while were there. we got a cabin and plan on going around saturday before the track opens up to see if we can get someone talked into letting us hunt or...
  10. bigten05

    Train to Hunt TOO Style

    I shot tonight for the second time. adjusted a few things and damn it's shooting good. Went back to 60 and had them in a softball size group right off the bat. If I can keep that up I might get back into 3d over the summer.
  11. bigten05

    Trail Cam Pic Forum

    ive had it happen to me but not threw this site. my buddy was jackin his jaws at the local bow shop about a deer we had on camera. told the guys in there where abouts it was and one of them went out and killed it. i dont hold anything against him tho he went and got permisson and killed it fair...
  12. bigten05

    What did you do for the deer today?

    Bought more minerals last night trying the vapple products out anyone have any experience with them. The blocks and minerals were on sale so I loaded up on them
  13. bigten05

    What did you do for the deer today?

    Heading out to add to some minerals sites and set up a few cams.( If I can stay away from the toilet buffalo chicken dip and 20 bush lights got my ass tore up today).
  14. bigten05

    2018 Whos going where??

    I hunt a few different public pieces down there but the places I have hunted are not open for the early muzzy. I went down for that late season last year and saw some good movement but damn it was colder. It happened to be the first year they allowed a gun hunt on that place and it wasn't...
  15. bigten05

    2018 Whos going where??

    Just found out Tennessee added a velvet hunt the end of August. So I'll be down there for that then I'll be in KY for there opener. I'm already getting fired up thinking there might be a chance to shoot velvet bucks in back to back weeks.. highly doubtful it will happen but never know.
  16. bigten05

    Custom turkey strikers

    bahahah i did that to my brother with chicken liver, fugger wont steal my tackle box again
  17. bigten05

    Custom turkey strikers

    i know they wouldnt, but im glad they didnt because i forgot they were in there.would of been one of those smells that you wouldnt of known wtf it was or where it was if they did.
  18. bigten05

    Ohio Turkey Harvests - 2018

    team 3 tennesse 2018 3/4 inch spurs double beard one 10.25 the other 7.25
  19. bigten05

    Custom turkey strikers

    awesome you know i just found all the feathers i took out of my bird from tennesse that you asked for forgot about them they were in the glove box of the truck that got totaled im glad they never started stinking lol
  20. bigten05

    TOO Turkey Report '18

    Well I slept in unless I stumble across one driving around. I'll let them grow for next year.