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  1. Buckmaster

    How to fix a boat leak

    Now, only if that were beer.
  2. Buckmaster

    Cutting the Cord: Eliminating cable or satellite...

    I'd like too however I have a wife and two kids therefore I pay $155/mo for basic Direct TV satellite.
  3. Buckmaster

    Cutting the Cord: Eliminating cable or satellite...

    Have they found a suitable means yet for someone like me that lives in a 1/4 mile deep in the woods and has an internet data restricted plan with Hughes Net?
  4. Buckmaster

    Lake Ontario Fishing Get-Together...

    ...oh yes you are. :p
  5. Buckmaster

    Rusty Trailer - Need Painting Advice

    FWIW...I'm a POR15 advocate. Many of my projects have a couple coats of that paint on them. I've been spraying it lately in my auto paint gun.
  6. Buckmaster

    Switching from Verizon to AT&T

    Last year with my job switch....I switched from AT & T to Verizon. Much improved coverage and reach.
  7. Buckmaster

    Got a new toy. I've named him Chubby

    Way to keep up with that weekend hydration. I certainly was hot out. :eek:
  8. Buckmaster

    What's good TOO?

    Turkey eggs.... and heaven's door.
  9. Buckmaster

    What's good TOO?

    A couple weekend photos from Camp.
  10. Buckmaster

    Shit Jobs.

    Phil....I saw one the other day walking down the sidewalk. It could have held 3 tennis balls. Gorilla sized. I know you couldn't relate. …..just say'n. ;)
  11. Buckmaster

    Shit Jobs.

    I never had a lousy job until now. I've enjoyed all my past work from newspaper boy from 8-15, Napa Auto counter sales from 15-22, then sales and business development up to last year.
  12. Buckmaster

    Baseball Journal

    Good stuff Brock. Now 11-4 with 3 more regular season games to go, two of which are a little better than us. Next week should be fun as we move toward tourney time.
  13. Buckmaster

    My Dad... Big Time Trapper...

    Nice story and pics. Thanks for sharing the good old days.
  14. Buckmaster

    Laminate Floor Leveling. Post Install.

    ...awaiting the volcanic eruption after he steps on it? :cool: ...……. Let's hope not.
  15. Buckmaster

    What size boat

    Nice Joe. My greatest moment was taking a 12 foot aluminum jon boat with a 4hp Merc. a mile outside the break wall during the fall salmon run on Lake Ontario. I had a few wave tops crest over the edge of the boat. We did have some liquid courage on board. I wouldn't do that now with a family.
  16. Buckmaster

    What do you do for a living?

    I sit at a desk and handle other people's problems all day long. Inside sales, purchasing, materials, logistics, and operations coordinator for a greenhouse systems manufacturer.
  17. Buckmaster

    Barn find...

    Yep, It's on Craiglist along with my Jeep.
  18. Buckmaster

    Lake Erie Bite

    Fish On!
  19. Buckmaster

    Baseball Journal

    Now 9-4.
  20. Buckmaster

    Nuisance Trapping

    I may do a backyard woods cleanup this summer then. I had one trail cam pic at my feeder with 8 of them in it. I'm sure there's plenty more since I'm surrounded by a couple hundred acres of woods.