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    Someone has scored...

    Congrats TC!
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    Team 4

    Congrats, great story
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    TOO Turkey Report '18

    Congrats Seth!
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    Team #1 Check In

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    Knocking down Turkeys at 76

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    7:47 BOOM!

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    TOO Turkey Report '18

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    Good Luck Tomorrow.....

    Nothing wrong with that!
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    TOO Turkey Report '18

    Good luck TC!
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    Good Luck Tomorrow.....

    This. It’s an absolute blast!
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    TOO Turkey Report '18

    Yup [emoji41]
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    Youth Weekend

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    TOO Turkey Report '18

    I use my 40 year old Ithaca 12 guage full choke barrel shotgun that belonged to my grandpa. Just a bead on the end, no camo, shoots like a dream. Sometimes the latest ain’t the greatest lol
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    LG, we have 2 and both are great
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    Youth Weekend

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    Youth Weekend

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    What's good TOO?

    Looks good!
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    How I found TOO

    I found TOO a few years back when I googled something about the rut in Ohio. I hung around for a while before joining but glad I did. I’ve interacted with a lot of good people on here. It’s a great community of folks. I look forward to meeting more people down the road
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    Lake Norman Bound

    Good shit J!
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    Jackalopes 2018 Turkey Scouting.

    Good luck guys!