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  1. huntn2

    Ohio Turkey Harvests - 2018

    Please use this thread for all birds being submitted for the 2018 "The Ohio Outdoors" Turkey Hunting contest. For all entries, please include the following: Team Name Hunter Name For "buddy birds" the Caller Name and Callers Team Name Beard Lengths Spur Lengths State of harvest Picture of the...
  2. huntn2

    TOO Turkey Report '18

    Congrats guys!
  3. huntn2

    Youth Weekend

  4. huntn2

    Youth Weekend

    We had a great hunt this morning. As Brock states, all the fun and none of the mess. Yesterday was absolutely silent.
  5. huntn2

    Youth Team #9

    I guess if I’m supposed to run this that means Landon is checking in as well :)
  6. huntn2

    How I found TOO

    Wondered what was going down way back yonder on another site. Sent a note to Jesse via PM and was directed to a place where the grass was actually greener as this site was turning the lights on.
  7. huntn2

    Kentucky Turkey

    Congrats on your guys success!
  8. huntn2

    Team 2

    huntn2 checking in for Team 2. I will be hunting in Ashtabula, Geauga, Portage and Medina Counties. Also will be taking my son, Landon for his first hunt as well as two of my landowners. Between helping others and moving, I am hopeful to put a bird or 2 down :) Ryan
  9. huntn2

    2018 Spring Turkey Contest - Team Assignments

    Below are the team assignments for the 2018 TOO Spring Turkey Competition. Please create a team thread and check in ASAP. We have 1 youth team this season. I will continue to create new teams of 4 as we get enough alternates. The buddy bird system remains to help promote the brotherhood of TOO...
  10. huntn2

    2018 The Ohio Outdoors Spring Turkey Contest - Rules & Sign-ups

    I need 2 more members and at least 2 more youth. Come on guys. Lets get more participation...
  11. huntn2

    2018 The Ohio Outdoors Spring Turkey Contest - Rules & Sign-ups

    Someone give me a number between 0-50 for random team assignment simulations.
  12. huntn2

    Doggone good dog thread

    Cherish the memories built together over the 10.5 years brother. Never easy loosing a dog given as loyal as they remain day in and day out.
  13. huntn2

    NHL Playoffs....

    I have loved the Wings for some time. Miss the Russian 5.
  14. huntn2

    Sasquatch called this morning

    I could perhaps make NY and PA a reality...
  15. huntn2

    Custom turkey strikers

    Haven’t seen a promotion on price...patiently awaiting a text :)
  16. huntn2

    Custom turkey strikers

    We already knew you were/are an asshole, leave the strikers out of it...
  17. huntn2

    Custom turkey strikers

    Wish I had one.....just sayin...
  18. huntn2

    Ohio Senate Approves Multi-Year License Bill

    Excited about this. Nick had his NY lifetime license and we have been waiting for this in OH.
  19. huntn2

    IKS about a beard on the ground...

    Congrats Shea!
  20. huntn2

    TOO Turkey Report '18

    Just 2 gobbles from across the road.