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  1. brock ratcliff

    The Official Camper and Camping Thread

    Have a safe trip! We are planning our first camping trip of the season next weekend. Actually, we are going fishing and taking a tent along to sleep a few hours each night. :)
  2. brock ratcliff

    Baseball Journal

    One Kid said he wanted to work. I told him not to be an idiot 'cause he'll have his entire life to be miserable at work. His mom was standing right there telling him the same thing! Nope, wants the work.... and he's one of them with some talent as a catcher. I know I could have helped...
  3. brock ratcliff

    Baseball Journal

    Get me the dates you play in Columbus. We will try to make it up for a game or two. If timing allows, that would be awesome. I wish we had pics of those three three throwing baseball down at Strouds to see how theyve all changed in the last few years! What's most frustrating is knowing the...
  4. brock ratcliff

    Baseball Journal

    Ha Ha. Yes he should have. It's always fun for someone to see him pitch for the first time.
  5. brock ratcliff

    Baseball Journal

    I made the mistake again of putting faith in local kids. I planned to take kids from our varsity and JV squads to play in the Hillsboro league (17u). Turns out the majority of them don't mind sucking and didn't want to work on their game during summer. I had 8 kids wanting to play so I...
  6. brock ratcliff

    Official TOO Catch Thread

    Mason and I hit a pond tonight for a topwater only fiesta. I captured 12 largemouth, the biggest was 18", and two bonus bluegill. Mason landed 5, I think and lost at least as many. No fish were kept and sadly no pics were taken.
  7. brock ratcliff

    The sun sets on another turkey season

    'Twas a good time as always!
  8. brock ratcliff

    Last Day Gobbler

    Congratulations! Nice bird!
  9. brock ratcliff

    TOO Turkey Report '18

    You know, he hardly gobbled all season. I was under him, in range, undetected three times and never saw him say a word. He only gobbled on the limb the first couple days of season. Absolutely crazy. If it's the same bird, last year he gobbled every time you'd make a peep.
  10. brock ratcliff

    TOO Turkey Report '18

    I'm an idiot. Woke up after three hours sleep just to see if I could hear one. Climbed up on the ridge where the old "truck bird" likes the roost. Didn't hear a thing. Spooked him off the limb while leaving at 7. I had walked directly under him when I went in. Lol. I did find some...
  11. brock ratcliff

    Girls and The Appalachian Trail....

    I think girls feel the need to prove how tough they are far more than boys these days. Seriously, look at sports. Girls compete! Boys just sorta show up in most cases.
  12. brock ratcliff

    TOO Turkey Report '18

    That is one heck of a morning to remember Jake! Congratulations again!
  13. brock ratcliff

    Official TOO Catch Thread

    I should add that Mason did catch some fish but spent most of his time creeping the shoreline looking for nesting bass. He hooked a couple but landed none. He did catch some saugeye.
  14. brock ratcliff

    Official TOO Catch Thread

    Great evening J! Mason and I ran down to a public access on Rocky tonight for an hour or so. I captured 10 crappie and 8 saugeye- they were all small but some of the crappie were impressive.
  15. brock ratcliff

    The Saga of Bob Tom the Turkey.

    That's a great story right there! Congratulations to you both!
  16. brock ratcliff

    TOO Turkey Report '18

    This was my last turkey hunt of the season. It's been a good one. I managed to get involved with a lot of birds this spring, my kid killed two and I shot one as well. I took three others hunting... fun year. I've not heard a gobble the last three mornings. Since hearing them is the only...
  17. brock ratcliff

    Official TOO Catch Thread

    Me too!
  18. brock ratcliff

    Official TOO Catch Thread

    Nice fish! I caught a couple smallmouth tonight from the creek. I was happy to get a couple due to fishing a less than ideal spot due to time constraints.
  19. brock ratcliff

    My Bow Exploded. Don't know what I should hope for from PSE

    You can buy old Switchbacks or other Mathews bows for 300 all day long. I still shoot mine daily and everyone I've talked to that sold theirs regret it! Good luck with your bow, just keep in mind some older bows are far superior to newer.
  20. brock ratcliff

    I have turkey hunting

    Pitch the decoy. Set up so the bird has to be in range to see your location. Shot the bird.