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Thread: The buck I killed

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    Let me add a little story to this hunt. Joe and I hunted that morning at different places and neither one of us saw a deer. 30-40 mph winds to boot... So we thought and thought of places for him to go and hunt and we both decided that we couldn't think of a spot for him to go so he stayed home and beat his He asked where I was gonna go and I had no idea where to go. Then while driving I thought of this corn field that is totally surrounded by trees and I knew the wind would not be so bad there. I have stayed out of this place all summer and fall. (Let this be a little reminder for all you guys... Keep a place like this.) So I get dressed, pack my sticks and stand on my back and head off. Its getting to be about 5:10 or so. I'm walking this corn edge and there is deer tracks all over the place. I walk a little farther and see a rub that had been recently done. So I walk about 200 more yards back in a pinch point and I find one heck of a deer trail. Find a tree that would be perfect for the nnw wind we had and climb up and hang my stand. I get situated and look at my phone and its 5:35. I've made it in pretty good time. I'm texting with Joe, Finelyshedded and my buddy Jason the whole time I'm in the tree. So that all stops and things start to settle down and about 6:40 I spot movement to my sw. I get a glimpse of antler and I think that might be a shooter. So I grab my bow and stand up. He walks away from me and I still can't make out which buck it is because he is behind honeysuckle. He keeps going and disappears so I sit back down and hang my bow back on the limb. I'm sitting here wandering where in the heck did he go??? About 20 minutes later I hear something and look over he is coming right toward me walking fairly fast. Before I know it he is 7 or 8 yards directly in front of me walking toward the nw. I'm thinking what do I do??? He passes and then he cuts to the ne to rub his antlers in some limbs. I'm still second guessing myself about what to do. So I reach over grab my bow, put my release on the string before I move it off the limb and while I'm taking the bow off the limb I'm drawing back at the same time and I let er fly. Hit him perfectly. (Kinda hard to mess up a 15 yard shot though...Oh wait... Sorry He went about 50 yards and crashed. So I lower my bow climb down and walk right up to him and he's dead. No sittin around and waiting to track this That's how she went... Thanks again fellas...

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    Heck of a buck JD.

    I hate windy days and trying to decide if I should hunt or not hunt do to the wind. I have heard if the wind is 20+ you should hunt because the deer just can't pinpoint any smells do to the fast moving scent on the wind but DANG if it ain't a mother to hold on sitting in a tree lol. Really sucks to try and stand up when the tree is swinging around too lol.

    Congrats on a great buck. Don't worry about all those other bucks out there. They will just be bigger and better next year.

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    Howd you know i was beating off?

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    Dang nice buck JD...
    Awesome Cull deer for your area. Sometimes you have to spend your tag on them..LOL!
    I know you have some slungers to hunt...Them quick dicisions are tough!
    Hey TOO'ers, You know how big of a deer JD is hunting by the size of the zip ties he uses for tags! LOL!
    All kiddin aside JD, Awesome Deer, congrats! as you know most would give their eye teeth for one like that!

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    Awesome job brother!
    Molōn labe!


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