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  1. "J"

    Another senseless murder

    An 88 year old WWII Vet murdered by a couple of punk kids.....
  2. Kaiser878

    HELP!!!!! Talk some sense into me!!!!!!!!!

    I am teetering on the edge!!!!!!!!! Im about to make a purchase I probably shouldnt..... Somebody talk me about of this!!!!!!
  3. matt hougan

    Rest in Peace, but senseless Never approach a deer that is still alive. A few years ago my boss shot a 170 down in Indian Hill. 5 hours later we track the deer still alive. He rushed to grab the deer. I horse collared him and...
  4. Bowhunter57

    Marine Checkpoint - Great Sense of Humor

    This Marine is messing with this guy and because he doesn't know our "Americanisms" or the twisted sense of humor of a's hilarous! :smiley_crocodile: Good hunting, Bowhunter57