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  1. giles

    Way To Represent Ohio University!

    Same story here. Mom is still very much brainwashed. I just avoid all politics with her. You simply can’t talk to these people. It doesn’t make a difference who you are, they’re convinced and react with anger. They yell and just keep repeating themselves louder and louder. Ears are closed.
  2. giles

    2019-nCoV (Corona Virus)

    Never heard of them, thanks! Disregard...wtf jimbo? $360 for some bison ghetto boots! 😲😆
  3. giles

    Best way to clean an aluminum pot?

    I used a power washer and steel wool. I’d get them in that condition all the time and clean them up for resale. I never liked the idea of chemicals so I never tried them.
  4. giles

    The Good Morning Selfie

  5. giles

    Stressless #1 and #2 Hitlist '19-'20 survived.. Frasier and Niles... Martin is AWOL

    I guess I’m old school. Either it’s a shooter or it isn’t. 😂
  6. giles

    What's good TOO?

    Not the one I wanna as in yesterday, it didn’t even have paper! RIP sleeve😔
  7. giles

    2019-nCoV (Corona Virus)

    Boots are not. My FR pants are made in Cali
  8. giles

    3 year history

    Haha, he won’t. He’s off doing other things and thinking about turkeys.
  9. giles

    Ohio Bowhunting Expo 2020

    I think Brock goes every year.
  10. giles

    Boogity boogity boogity

  11. giles

    Way To Represent Ohio University!

    Someone define “racism”....I’ll wait.
  12. giles

    Truck tires

    @Quantum673 isn’t that what you run?
  13. giles

    The Good Morning Selfie

    I think the halftime show is still going.
  14. giles

    Hunter Education Certificate of Qualification

    Yes. We tried for a year to find a classroom type and couldn’t. Everything was 1+ hours away.
  15. giles

    Boogity boogity boogity

    Think it will be a targeting call?
  16. giles

    Spencie's 19-20 Survivors

    Now that’s an eye guard! 😂
  17. giles

    Hunter Education Certificate of Qualification

    No age restriction for online. My daughter did it this past year all online.
  18. giles

    Way To Represent Ohio University!

    Clay is on to something I firmly believe in. Stop blaming schools and media! Raise your mother fucking kids!!!! They’re YOUR responsibility.
  19. giles

    Looking for Sawyer

    Looking used or new?
  20. giles

    Way To Represent Ohio University!

    Yup...keep your hand out kids, more free shit heading your way.