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  1. finelyshedded

    Daily Wire

    I’ve been listening to a lot of Andrew Klavan(there are no e’s in Klavan...lol) on YouTube and really like a lot of his points during his podcasts. He and Ben Shapiro are of great talent and are very smart and knowledgeable on matters in history,politics,religion and life in general. If you’re...
  2. finelyshedded

    Tough season for my GlenDel deer target

    Some of you have seen or heard about my target but most prolly haven’t but only because I can’t figure out how to share a video file now that I’m done with photobucket. I tried creating a youtube acct but my wife’s phone is dedicated to our only email acct soooo I just said screw it. If someone...
  3. finelyshedded

    After cleaning your Muzzy,rifle or shotgun......

    What do you do to minimize the smell of solvent or oil so’s it doesn’t reach the deers noses on your next hunt?
  4. finelyshedded


    And it’s BIG😎👍🏻
  5. finelyshedded

    The rut has officially started here in SW Ohio. This is in Blue Ash area.

  6. finelyshedded


  7. finelyshedded

    Ben Shapiro

    I’ve been watching and listening to him a lot lately on podcasts and YouTube. I agree with a lot of what he says and love how he pisses off the lefties so much. Dudes got moxie,intelligence,confidence and a gift of how to debate that’s for sure!
  8. finelyshedded

    Team 6

    Ric checking in here for team 6. Hope I’m able to contribute some points this season for us. Good luck this year teammates!
  9. finelyshedded

    FB and FS shed hunting 2017/18

    Welp, walked in the misty rain for over 3 hours today and covered most of one farm today. Still have another 1/3 left to walk but I ran out of time today. Might finish up tomorrow weather permitting. Found my first shed, small but fresh and no chews which makes me very happy. Not the best ATL...
  10. finelyshedded

    Atl shed photo shed

    Post em up shed hunters! I just wanted to start a thread dedicated to our shed hunting fanatics here to post up their best or most favorite ATL shed pics. I personally haven’t really walked much yet this year thus I’m still looking to find my first shed of the year. I probably walked about...
  11. finelyshedded

    Ohoooooooo Nellie!!!

    Keith Jackson Heard on my way to work this morning that he passed. His voice and commentary were staples during college football games every Saturday back in the day. May he RIP. Curt Gowdy was another one blessed with the voice, imo.
  12. finelyshedded

    Our Ohio Knife Law.......SMH

    Can’t we even carry a knife to protect ourselves these days or do the criminals get the edge on us in that department TOO? We wanted to get our girls each a 4” folding knife to carry for protection. Talk about BS regulations?!?!? WOW!!! What are your thoughts and suggestions on the topic?
  13. finelyshedded

    Some brown hit the ground this afternoon

    Some freezer space will be filled in a couple homes soon. Dang it was cold out there today but there were some diehards out getting it down. Congrats to the hunters.
  14. finelyshedded

    IKS,,,,and it’s sooooo cool!

    Another nice buck hit the snow tonight......:pickle: Huge congrats to this duo! Starting to become a regular occurance every season! You know who?
  15. finelyshedded

    Iks too......

    ...........and it’s got a set TOO.:pickle:
  16. finelyshedded

    BOY!!!! Do IKS!!!!

    Slunger down!!!!
  17. finelyshedded


    That someone bloodied an arrah that's got feathers....:pickle: Congrats to the hunter!:smiley_clap:
  18. finelyshedded


    And he's a beauty I hear:pickle:
  19. finelyshedded

    You hear that? A slammer hammer hit the ground!

    Das Rite......A sledge hammer! Congrats to the hunter!!!
  20. finelyshedded

    Tom's Ice Cream Bowl recognized again

    Having been born in Zanesville way back in 1961 and living there till 1970 Ron and I still remember the many trips our parents took us to TICB. Mostly noted for their delicious ice cream their food is great TOO! We still enjoy stopping by even to this day. As I drove thru Zanesville last night...