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    Competition shooting

    Does anyone in Northwest Ohio do any competition handgun shooting? I'm looking to get into it but am struggling to find places to go and shoot. Any tips would be helpful as well.
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    FOR SALE Easton Fatboy arrows

    8 Easton Fatboy arrows. I don't know exact length but I'm a 28" draw. They are fletched and have 100 gr screw in points. I am asking $100 shipped.
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    FOR SALE Goose calls FS

    Goey Gunner $100 Buck Gardner Grey Ghost $40 Buck Gardner Honker Hammer $40
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    Weekend hunt

    I would like to hunt this Saturday but don't have any idea where I'm allowed to go and don't have private permission near Wood County. Would you be able to help me out? I'm new to the area and would like to get my dog on some geese or ducks. Please send me a message. If you can help. Good luck...
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    Toledo city Water

    "Someone poisoned the watering hole!"