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    buyng recreational property

    Title search right a closing is a must. Years ago as a Finance Mgr. I placed a property lien on a past due account. Couple years later I go back and the property is a parking lot for a local plant. Followup search found out our lien was by chance was placed the day before the property was sold...
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    Another good food plot site plus a good seller of seeds

    No advertisement at all just what I feel is good food plot info. I refrain from posting further food plot info if that's what everyone wants.
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    Ohio cold temps

    I did that very same thing until I was 18 then we moved to town. Sears catalog was only thing I used for 18 yrs that's the reason I appreciate what I have now so much.
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    Not all oats are the same

    His resume. https://www.grandparayoutdoors.com/
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    Not all oats are the same

    Food for thought explained by a expert. https://www.grandparayoutdoors.com/single-post/2016/04/26/Not-all-oats-is-the-same
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    Deer are not pigs

    Good read on feeding deer corn. https://www.grandparayoutdoors.com/single-post/2016/08/18/Deer-are-not-pigs
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    Another good food plot site plus a good seller of seeds

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    A little advice... Please read...

    Couple years ago a Highway patrolman ready to retire used a generator in his basement and he and his wife were fund dead next day. The silent killer it is.
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    DEAL Kershaw Oso Sweet knife $14.99

    If it's spring loaded assist opening I've been carrying 3 of those for 15 plus years. 2 full size and a smaller Sunday knife.
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    Ohio cold temps

    I didn't mean to come down hard on anyone special. The point I was trying to make is not correct to wish for something for one's self that will damage others. IMHO
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    Ohio cold temps

    Wrong or right it's a sorry wish on other people. I never enjoyed cold weather when I was young. Being raised dirt poor our water bucket froze solid every night in our old house.
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    Ohio cold temps

    Fuck the ice. Have some mercy for the millions of older people who are basicly locked up in their houses who can't get out safely in this cold temps for the fear of falling and breaking bones.
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    Ohio cold temps

    Damn it's cold out there today. Went to feed the cattle and get 3 buckets of corn for the stove with my golf cart. My fingers got so cold I had to come in and warm them up before I water the cattle. Digging out better gloves for this cold temps. Still praying for a early spring warm up.
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    Kitchen knives

    "J" where are the knives? Out being sharpen?
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    2017 Frank's hunting Journal

    1-1-18 update 11-29 I had issues with my health and went into the hospital for 2 days. Issues cleared up and all test gave me clean bill of health. The new increased muscle meds didn't agree with me so back to regular dose. 12-16 Got to my tower before light, 8:30 had a small 6 pt buck at 35...
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    Too all my TOO.com brothers

    My new year is starting off great. Haven't been able to contact my good friend in Dallas TX for 5-6 weeks. Of course I thought the worse and even checked the death notices out there. Well wouldn't you know it he emailed me tonight and all is well now. His wife was in the hospital with 50-50...
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    Too all my TOO.com brothers

    Happy New Year and a better new year if you need one.
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    Backyard deer

    You should be OK to use a landowner tag on your own property. Over the last 25 years I've taken several legal deer in my yard. But almost all was when I had issues and couldn't get out. Legal is legal. The local GW told me it was even legal to shoot a gun out of a house but not legal to shoot a...
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    C'mon ice

    Enjoy your cold temps and ice fishing. As I'm praying for a spring warm up soon. These cold temps are painful on my muscles.
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    Atomic Lighter

    Seen another TV ad today by the same atom company for sunglasses.