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  1. NWOHhunter

    1 yote on the board!

    Went out Friday and Saturday night calling with some friends, we called in one super blonde 30lb male, but he was the only one we seen so far, no responses yet! I'll post a pic of him later!
  2. NWOHhunter


    Got an offer from a guy with a Bowtech Assassin, loaded for $500. Looks to be barely used ! Not too knowledgeable on bows, if it shoots good and is of good quality that’s all I need to know Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. NWOHhunter

    NWOHunter 19-20 Season

    I was out 7 time before taking my buck on Oct 17th, my season totals up to that point are,........... 27 hours of stand time, 5 bucks and 19 does (1.125 deer per hour), and 7 shot opportunities. I was lucky enough to be drawn for the TRC hunt near Bellefontaine, I was 17th out...
  4. NWOHhunter


    Just throwing this out there lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. NWOHhunter

    Opening day!

    Well I’m so glad to be out but, so far the weather app is wayyy off ! 4 mph winds my ass! I just hope I don’t blow out of my stand, second I got nice and wet walking back in the beans, and finally after an half hour of sitting in my stand I see some asshole walking back and walks right by my...
  6. NWOHhunter

    Might need to change his name ....

    I been calling him unicorn, but might have to call him Tank! He looks like a block.
  7. NWOHhunter

    UFO?? LOL

    I didn't get any little green or gray men on camera after this pic, so I am guessing bug.:unsure:
  8. NWOHhunter

    TRC controlled hunt

    Well went to my 1st TRC draw and got the 17th slot out of 18! I know nothing about this section other than people tend to say it's loaded with deer! I have seen a handful driving by it all my life. If any one has any information about it, I would greatly appreciate it! Its a every Saturday and...
  9. NWOHhunter

    Controlled hunts

    I swung and missed!!! Anyone successful on their draws????
  10. NWOHhunter

    Any former pig showman out there???

    Looking for some advice or tricks to get pigs to walk better? Honestly these are the best we have had for this time of the year, but any advice would be greatly appreciated!! This is only our 3rd year and I never took hogs, I stuck to cattle, looking back I should of jumped over to pigs! Much...
  11. NWOHhunter

    Sleeping Bear Dunes/Platte River/ Petoskey/U.P. Vacation

    We planned about a week vacation between the Sleeping Bear Dunes and Petoskey areas. We also figured when we were up that way we could drive to the U.P. and check it out, which just happens to have a small deer farm/petting zoo, it is self anointed as the oldest deer ranch in the U.S. it was one...
  12. NWOHhunter

    2018 DIY Euro buck

    I have always wanted to try this method from hearing a could guys talk about it. Plus is it was free!!! I had a couple guys recommend burying the skull just so the antlers are sticking up out of the ground and then covering the antlers with foil and a barrel to keep critters from digging it up...
  13. NWOHhunter

    Nice yote

    I can't remember if I posted this yote on here or not!?? So Excuse me if I did!! I got his hide and skull back from the taxidermist a few weeks ago. It turned out pretty dang nice!! I forgot how beautiful his fur was. He was a bigger yote, came into a breeding set after about 45 mins, he tried...
  14. NWOHhunter

    New Stand

    I bought a ladder stand on sale in December, finally got around to putting it up a couple weeks ago with the help of my dad, I placed it on a fence row that runs from the east into the NE of my woods I can hunt. The row has had stands in the past so I never put one up, plus it's on the property...
  15. NWOHhunter

    Healthy Yote

    got pics of either this yote and it’s friend and also fox...some night calling is in order !!
  16. NWOHhunter

    Thata do Donkey!

    Yup!....I like him! I am hoping one of my buddies get a chance at him! I would be just as happy if it was me that put a tag on him.
  17. NWOHhunter

    Big news a Brewing!!!

    Hold on to your nuts boys! It is not a non typical story......more of your TYPICAL hard work and a great guy type story!!!
  18. NWOHhunter

    NWOHHUNTER’S 2018 season

    Well it was a short season for me! One that was loaded with a slot of first for me!
  19. NWOHhunter

    Deer Creek State Park

    I drew on their controlled hunt, being from the nw tundra, any one got any advice for me? We drove around the area and got a sense for the lay of the land. Looks very promising! Plan on taking my camper down to stay, gotta call down and make sure thats ok, and if there will even be water running...
  20. NWOHhunter

    Popcorn vs Field corn

    For a long time there has been a lot of pop corn grown in my county. Now this year there are only two farmers who have contracts to grow popcorn. In my experience and observations during winter time feeding, popcorn is the last resort. Usually prolonged periods of snow or cold, and later in the...