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  1. the Lackster

    Dads boat

    Wanted to share some pictures and a brief story of my dads boat. My dad was what you might call a chain smoker back in the day. He had a religious 4 pack a day habit with occasional 6 pack days. To be precise he smoked Vantage 100s. He worked two jobs for many years and he says thats what kept...
  2. the Lackster

    2020 muzzleloader euro

    Killed this guy on the 17th and went ahead and knocked out the euro while i had several out to cleean up. I used a black cherry stain and i have to say i really like it. The really dark bases on this deer dont get lost in the plaque the way they would with a natural wood background. I also...
  3. the Lackster

    Largemouth replica is home!!

    Well after two years of thinking about it i pulled the trigger on a replica mount. I caught this big girl in Georgia public water in May of 2018. Texas rigged finesse worm and 8lb test on a light spinning rig. I was having a blast catching some keeper size bass for the grease when she bit...
  4. the Lackster

    Replica recommendations

    Any of you guys got a recommendation for a largemouth replica. Caught one a couple years ago that i finally broke down and decided to get a replica of. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  5. the Lackster

    Still in velvet

    Got this ugly critter still in velvet. Had a longed beam on the right side but he broke it off this week. Be cool to see what he makes.
  6. the Lackster

    Pig skull

    Worked on the pig i killed a couple weeks ago this past weekend. Got it cleaned up and on a plaque. May end up going a second round on the bleach I'm not sure yet. Gonna give it a couple more days and see it it lightens up any. Really happy to get to take this animal on public land with a...
  7. the Lackster

    Hate to find them like this

    Found this guy while out checking cameras week before last. Definitely shot this year and likely from my poaching neighbor. Two year old deer with some pretty long beams. Anyway, got him cleaned up and made a plaque for it. Try to give it as much honor as i can.
  8. the Lackster

    New half sleeve

    Started my other half sleeve yesterday and wow is all i can say. I know everytime i go there to get work im going to be impressed but this one really blew my mind. Kind of a toxic love concept if there is a name for it. My artist really went out of his way customizing the piece with detail down...
  9. the Lackster

    Trail cam almost caught the kill shot

    If only i would have had it on video mode. Still a great still shot of the arrow in the ground.
  10. the Lackster

    Buck on the ground in Georgia

    Well it all came together yesterday. Went to a spot i had a good buck on cam taking my bow and slug gun. Got locked in my climber with a perfect wind and got ready. Had 2 little bucks come in and work a scrape before leaving. A little while later 4 does filtered through eating acorns. Finally i...
  11. the Lackster

    First kill with a muzzleloader

    Well i was fortunate enough to get to take my first deer with a muzzleloader yesterday. I have had the gun for a few years now and passed several deer but yesterday i made it happen on a nice 8 point. Atleast to me it was nice! He came in doing some light grunting and pushing does around...
  12. the Lackster

    Half sleeve started

    Started my half sleeve on Tuesday. As always im blown away with the quality. Also amazed at how much work the artist i to can put down in 6 hours. Cant wait to see it finished.
  13. the Lackster

    New tattoo

    Got my right side finished up this week. Glad both sides are over with they have been the worst so far. Also threw in some healed pictures of other pieces. Glad to be back on the forum!!! Also my wife has started a big piece. She is a tough one.
  14. the Lackster

    A few fish from the last two weeks

    Been catching some nice fish in the kayak on a public lake down here. Hope everyone is well haven't been online in a while.
  15. the Lackster

    Chest piece is complete

    Got my tiger finished yesterday and to say im impressed would be an understatement. As always alvin did a killer job. It amazes me what he can get done in just two sessions. Done and on to the next one.
  16. the Lackster

    Meat on the ground

    So i got drawn for the coosawattee wma qouta hunt down here in ga this year. Nov 1-3. Got settled in around 1200 yesterday in the pouring rain with my savage 220 in hand. Stopped raining around 1630 and my hopes of getting a deer began to rise. Was rather slow till about 1730 when i scan to my...
  17. the Lackster

    SWAT school graduation and new chest piece

    Well guys i made it through the most brutal week of my life. I went in a deputy sheriff and came out the other side a SWAT operator. Over 90 hours of training and punishment in five and a half days. We only graduated with five but i would go to the end of the world with anyone of them. I never...
  18. the Lackster

    Finally made it

    I can finally say i am a Deputy Sheriff!!! Yesterday i graduated the georgia police academy and i am back home for a while. I never imagined the amount of stress that would come with the task but to say im glad it's behind us would be an understatement. Coming home on friday night and leaving...
  19. the Lackster

    Side tattoo finished, back touched up

    Got my side piece done today. While i was in he touched up the wings on my back and gave them a whole new dimension. Glad to have it done in time for summer.
  20. the Lackster

    Caught a hawg today!!

    First trip in my new kayak. Went to a public watershed this morning and caught a pig from my kayak. She ate a watermelon candy finesse worm texas rigged. It was a great fight on 8lb line and light spinning gear. I didn't have scales or a net......she was atleast 8 lbs and about to bust with...