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  1. Tipmoose

    Tankless water heaters, realtors, home value? Opinions?

    This is a question for anyone who has experience with tankless water heaters. Realtors or otherwise. Have you seen any advantage in having a tankless water heater in a home being sold? Either in terms of time on market or price? We are thinking of getting one installed, but the 5k price tag...
  2. Tipmoose

    A nice river for J and Dustin to fish

    @"J" , @Dustinb80
  3. Tipmoose

    Fixed blade compound broadhead vs crossbow broadhead - differences?

    So...what, if any, is the difference between a 100 gn fixed blade (like a G5 Montec) packaged for a compound bow and the exact same 100 gn fixed blade packaged for a crossbow? Is it just the packaging? The threads fit both bolts and arrows.
  4. Tipmoose

    Residential HVAC questions

    Are there any HVAC experts on here willing to chime in on some info we got from a salesman a few weeks ago? We currently have a 12 year old AC/Furnace system that was put in by the builder. Its been freezing up and giving us sporadic trouble over the last few years, so we called a company to...
  5. Tipmoose

    Ten Point Vengent

    This pretty little girl followed me home tonight and I just had to give her a home. Haven't named her yet or even let her bark...but I'm really excited. Not sure if I'm going to stick with the 100gn fixed blades or go to 125. At around 400 fps I don't think it really matters. Am leaning towards...
  6. Tipmoose

    2020-2021 Regs online?

    Really dumb question here... I've looked all over the ODNR site and can't find an online version of this years hunting regs. Does anyone know where they are? The best I could find is this: https://oh-web.s3licensing.com/ Then click on Hunting Regulations which should take you to...
  7. Tipmoose

    Anybody putting in for draw hunts this year?

    Not sure how popular these hunts are. I put in for a couple dove hunts and one deer hunt at buck creek. I probably just donated about 9.00 to the ODNR...anyone else gambling on these things?
  8. Tipmoose

    Good gunsmith in Columbus/Grove City area?

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a good gunsmith in the Columbus/Grove City area? A friend of mine has two rifles that need a little attention.
  9. Tipmoose

    Thats not a big catfish.

  10. Tipmoose

    Neil Ferguson resigns

    The 'scientist' behind the now discredited Imperial College 'study/model' that predicted millions (AND MILLIONS!!) of deaths worldwide from the wuhan flu has resigned his post. Unfortunately he did not resign it for producing bad science. He resigned for being a hypocrite. I believe this is...
  11. Tipmoose

    This you giles? :)

  12. Tipmoose

    Gonna try to smoke some pork tomorrow.

    Got a rack of spare ribs and a boston butt rubbed down and resting in the fridge. Gonna fire up the smoker tomorrow and see how it goes. Haven't done a pork butt in over 10 years. We'll see how it goes.
  13. Tipmoose

    Made a little trip to Copeys in Medway

    Just a quick trip....got about 75 lbs of various meats. Now if the covid paranoia shuts down all the meatpackers we will still be set. This is in addition to the 80-100 lbs of venison in the second freezer.
  14. Tipmoose

    Bringing home the bacon

    I don't think this would work with a much larger animal....
  15. Tipmoose

    On its way to becoming a good snake

    This would be a bag of nope for me....I'd just burn the structure down first.
  16. Tipmoose

    New home tech from Apple??

    Has anyone else heard about this? Apparently the government of Mexico has partnered with Apple to produce a new, technologically advanced cleaning robot. The production centers in Mexico will provide a cheap source of labor and materials. Reports indicate that the product will be called the...
  17. Tipmoose

    Trophy hunting broken down to the basics

    If this don't get the blood pumping I don't know what will.
  18. Tipmoose

    Mom! Call the cops...or the ASPCA or some chit....

    Im guessing Maine....turn the sound on....its hilarious.
  19. Tipmoose

    . 270 sako finbear

    @5Cent ...here's the 270 I was talking to you about at strouds. Dad got her somewhere in the 60s or 70s I think. I killed a moose (my first big game animal) with her when I was 15. Haven't taken her out of the safe since.