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  1. Hedgelj

    2021 Youth season

    My son's Scout campout was canceled which opened up our weekend. 8 years ago this was a Facebook post I made. "When out and about with Cooper, he saw my turkey call in the car and asked me to use it. I did a few yelps and he said "thats not how you call turkeys!" He then started calling...
  2. Hedgelj


    Anyone been out listening yet?
  3. Hedgelj

    Dangerous rise of supersize pickup trucks

    I dunno if any of you caught this but it came across my social media stream this week. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-03-11/the-dangerous-rise-of-the-supersized-pickup-truck The language and wording chosen by the author is humorous at best and pathetic at worst. The author...
  4. Hedgelj

    Who's bringing this to the next outing?

    Someone's gotta buy this and bring it! https://www.rkguns.com/colt-1877-bulldog-gatling-gun-45-70-government-five-barrel-tripod-model-colcgg1877.html
  5. Hedgelj


    Kinda surprise there's no threads about this. Lots of illegal activity, potential class action lawsuits, SEC fines and more people realizing that rather than an democratic republic our country is more of a financial oligarchy. I didn't get in on it (wish I did) but have a feeling that...
  6. Hedgelj

    Property Improvement

    My in-laws farm was timbered 20-25 years ago. It has slowly matured through the stages and is now at the point that it doesn't hold many deer due to lack of cover. There are plenty of deer on the farm until crops come off and then they disappear except for when moving through. One of the guys...
  7. Hedgelj

    Maine Bears

    So a friend called me up out of the blue and asked me about a bear hunt in Maine. He's got the outfitter picked out, its within miles of Canada (4 hours from Bangor) and over bait the first week of the season. My dad and I are going to go, possible my brother in law depending on how many the...
  8. Hedgelj

    Hedgelj's 2020

    I just pulled my cams for the year. I got busy and didn't keep them all with batteries and such but oh well. Got a few good photos of a few of the bucks I was hoping to see but didn't Less photos of coyotes then I've gotten in the past in the same locations.
  9. Hedgelj

    Bolt action rifles

    Looking into getting an all purpose rifle. This would be for hunting big game outside of Ohio and use as a groundhog gun to keep my skills sharp here in Ohio. I am REALLY impressed with my CVA cascade. Bergara barrel, cerakote, threaded muzzle for $500ish. What would I gain in going to a...
  10. Hedgelj

    "best straight walled cartridge"

    https://www.themeateater.com/hunt/whitetail-deer/the-best-straight-wall-cartridge-for-whitetail-hunting I think they have sound logic. But i also love my 444
  11. Hedgelj

    Public for rabbits

    Any public grounds for decent enough populations of bunnies worth doing some old fashioned stomping through the brush for a couple of guys? Looking mainly Northern and Eastern Ohio, down to 22ish but open to ideas. If someone has a connection on private I won't turn it down. Thanks
  12. Hedgelj

    Out west?

    My brother and i are looking at hunting out west. Mainly interested in elk, but if can add on others that's great. Looking for good odds to harvest an animal and it doesn't have to be a bull but obviously that's preferred. Fine with hunting for a bull but if it comes to tag soup or cow...
  13. Hedgelj

    CWD Wyandot County

    Was at Johnsons in McCutchenville and an ODNR guy was saying they got a non symptomatic deer with CWD. They will be seeing up a 10 mile radius zone around where the deer was at.
  14. Hedgelj

    taxidermist near chillecothe?

    Good friend got this bruiser last week. He's looking for a good taxidermist
  15. Hedgelj

    Caldwell dead shot fieldpod

    I don't use it anymore, don't remember what I paid for it. Its in good shape, any interest?
  16. Hedgelj

    Sitka fanatic bibs

    Large tall, Brand new with tags. Paid $439....any interest at a reasonable price?
  17. Hedgelj

    Cheaper than Dirt can go F themselves

    There's capitalism and then there's gouging NOT the first time they've pulled this stunt either
  18. Hedgelj

    Mossberg 500

    A semi local Walmart has a .410 Mossberg 500, wood with parkerized, full choke for $254 Thinking of it for the kids and occasional squirrel use. I do have access to an .410 o/u also. Thoughts? I've only had 870s for pumps previously.
  19. Hedgelj

    Meat eaters tend to have better psychological health than vegetarians

    Interesting article... more at the link https://www.psypost.org/2020/05/meat-eaters-tend-to-have-better-psychological-health-than-vegetarians-56698
  20. Hedgelj

    Boot suggestions

    Boot recommendations. Wants: Waterproof Flexible for hiking all day Some insulation is a plus (not super heavy insulation) Light(er)weight Comfort for walking all day or sitting in a treestand I am willing to pay for quality. I have plenty of Cabelas/Bass Pro points. Just bought a...