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    How I felt the day I lost me White Privilege

    https://streamable.com/3h29ig 😂😂😂😝😝🇺🇸🇺🇸🍺🍺🖕🏿🏆
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    Smithfield plant closes down

    Smithfield extended the closure of its Sioux Falls, South Dakota, plant after initially saying it would idle temporarily for cleaning. The facility is one of the nation’s largest pork processing facilities, representing 4% to 5% of US pork production, according to the company. Ironically it’s...
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    Rib racks

    Saw these the other day. Just wondering if anyone has them. Looking to get some. Trying to get some good feedback. Who’s got them? What kind. Pros/cons. Sure would make a lot more room on the grill.
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    Reading time with Dana

    Rofl anyone getting on Fox News web page Seen the reading with Dana Time. Of course not watching her read. But the comments are funny as hell. Last three days have been hysterical. 😂😂
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    Home Schooling your kids?

    Let’s hear some stories!!🤬🤬😂😂😣😣😣🥴🥴🤬🤬😂😂
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    The month of February

    I’m going to start this off right! Who da fugg likes February? I find it by far the most F*****d up month of the year! Nothing on Tv but a bunch of bullshit. #reruns!!😂 The ladies are all bundled up! Walmart is a fugging wreck! Ya walk in and just want to shoot yourself in the fuggin face as...
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    45/70 lever revolution

    Just figured I would drop this here. Picked up a new box 325 grain lever revolution Top box is the old box bottom is new. Did they switch powder or something. What’s going on?
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    Black Friday

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    Youth quad

    So I’m currently thinking about buying my boy/7 a Can-Am Ds 90 x 2020 or 2019 . I’ve done some research never personally rode nor know much about Cam-Am. He has totally zero riding experience other than them plastic plug in jeeps. Anyhow doing some research I saw it’s the widest based atv for...
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    This shit makes ya want to punch someone!!!

    So this morning I go out hunting,Drove to my spot it was daylight 7ish. Get out hunt till noon.Get back in car and see someone dupmped this off the side of the road. It wasn’t gutted, it wasn’t bloated heck wasn’t even stiff. Was shot looks like once behind nuts and once in front shoulder...
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    What’s your Rut tactics?

    So as I sit here and eat a bowl of Chili figured I would ask y’all how you hunt the rut. Wondered if anybody had a specific routine they follow. If they hunt high or low mornings or evenings. I hunt strictly from the ground. Unless it’s gun season then I may sit in a tree stand for a day or...
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    Carpenters Question

    So I’m currently working on an absolute nightmare of a hack job of a bungalow. I’m getting ready,to raise ceiling height in a 24x24 house. Pitch on the roof is roughly 16 degrees . Actually both sides of gable are different. Anyhow Im thinking of putting a lvl beam up to the current ridge...
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    What’s changed? Why?

    So I’m sure this will start a bees nest sorta speak. Anyhow, it’s purely my own opinion and thoughts, so it’s not meant to down anyone,or hell I may not even be right. Anyhow, looking back when I was about as tall as Jimmney Crickets nut sack. My dad took me in to the woods. I guess I would say...
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    Heated seats in the blind?

    So I took some seats out of a Yukon I was getting rid of. With the thought in mind damn these are comfortable. Be nice in a blind. Anyhow they were heated seats. So I started thinking well wouldn’t it be nice to have heated seats in the blind/soon to be blinds. The connections are there etc...
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    Sitting here shaking my head.

    I just saw this article. Maybe it has been discussed maybe not. Just wondered what other people’s thoughts on this was. https://www.news-herald.com/news/ohio/deer-management-program-mentor-odnr-officials-reflect-on-past-years/article_21e54b9a-3b75-59a7-af1e-f759c4057c1f.html
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    Well it’s all most that time of year. Whether it’s a tradition, a birth right, The week long Redneck super bowl, or all above. The clock is slowly ticking to the arrival of booms and fresh smelling gun powder.(love that smell should make an air freshener that smells like that) Sorta...
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    Purple paint law

    https://farmoffice.osu.edu/blog/tue-03142017-1044am/ohio-senate-consider-%E2%80%9Cpurple-paint-law%E2%80%9D-trespassing The “purple paint law” proposed by Sen. Bill Coley (R-Liberty Twp.) allows landowners to use purple paint to alert potential trespassers of property boundary lines. The purple...
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    The better than sex smoked brisket.🤔👀

    So the rub was applied last night.TheHickory chips have been soaking since yesterday. The beer is prepped. This is my first attempt at Brisket. Pretty stoked to see how it turns out. I’m also going to be doing a smoked deviled egg with jalapeños bacon and sharp cheddar. Also my first attempt...
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    200 acres Ohio your pick

    Interested in others thoughts. If you had the chance to own 200 acres in the state of Ohio for hunting. Where would you choose and why...
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    Curious as to what others camp rules are?

    I just wanted to start a thread on what others camp rules are? May it lead to where ever it leads..I’m limited on time right now. Just curious? What works for your camp,what have you saw that doesn’t work?