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  1. Scarlet&Gray

    Is this a young deer?

    So I originally posted this trailcam photo from the night before on a Facebook group. I was surprised at every comment saying how young the deer looks and that it still hadn't reach its potential. I'm still not very experienced hunting let alone aging deer. I deleted the post when some members...
  2. Scarlet&Gray

    My second deer

    My second deer ever and its a buck. Feelin blessed! Got a decent story for it when I can get home
  3. Scarlet&Gray

    Ariel Castro dead, hanged in cell

    'Ariel Castro found dead in his cell' http://m.wkyc.com/breaking/article?a=313031&f=3934 The freak of nature who kidnapped those three girls and brought the nationwide attention to his trial is dead. He hung himself in his cell. Our tax dollars for the media circus trial and in the end...
  4. Scarlet&Gray

    Mountain Monsters

    So a new show on TV called 'Mountain Monsters' follows a group of outdoorsman from WV who hunt mythical monsters in surrounding states on Discovery Channel. The first episode took place in Perry Co. Ohio and they were chasing the Grassman. They setup traps, found a supposed 'nest' in an old...
  5. Scarlet&Gray

    Wader brands

    I am wanting to get a pair of waders but would like to know if anyone has opinions on brands and which ones are good. I'm looking for affordable but durable chest-high waders. I am in the "big and tall" range as I'm a big guy but not rotund just a larger man. The brand I have been looking at...
  6. Scarlet&Gray

    Need some tracking advice

    Well I took a shot at my second deer ever and connected. Now I need some tracking advice but first the rundown: Around 6ish a large group of does showed up around my stand. A big momma and two smaller does broke off and placed themselves in front of me. When the mom started grazing I took aim...
  7. Scarlet&Gray


    New to the site figured I'd start posting. Was recommended the site by a gentleman working on our furnace. Just started hunting two years ago and got my first deer last year. I hunt in Richland Co. and I live in Athens going to college. Morel hunt pretty religiously every year. Thats about...