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  1. huntn2

    Strouds 2018 - Oct. 19-21

    Tentatively put me down for a cabin spot. Need to check dates next week.
  2. huntn2

    2018 TOO Shoot Drawing

    Those really turned out great, Chad. Well done brother!
  3. huntn2

    TOO Shoot 2018 Location and Info

    Great weekend as always fellas! Nice to meet Nate and Cole this year. After Mingo spanned extra days, I just am not ready for our summer shoot to be over...Reminiscing about the great times!
  4. huntn2

    TOO Shoot 2018 Location and Info

    I was stuck between Ric and Rick so I was ready to swat them for trying to touch me....
  5. huntn2

    Who's bringing what to the 2018 TOO Shoot Food Thread

    TC hates coffee too....
  6. huntn2

    2018 TOO shoot head count

  7. huntn2

    TOO Shoot 2018 Location and Info

    You can ride with me... I’ll be with my TOO family.
  8. huntn2

    Who's shooting? Tuning? Tinkering?

    Nick and I began doing some shooting this week. Nice public range 8 miles from my new place!
  9. huntn2

    What do you do for a living?

    Hi, i’m from corporate and I’m here to help....😂😂😂😂 I’m in corporate Supply Chain and enjoy spending as much time in the manufacturing and distribution environments as possible. I have worked with a plethora of global, diversified, industrial manufactures and automotive manufactures over the...
  10. huntn2

    2018 Ohio Turkey Contest Leaderboard

    Final results are as follows: Team 3 - 115 Team 1 - 75 Team 7 - 65 Team 2 - 60 Team 4 - 50 Team 8 - 10 Team 5 - 0 Team 6 - 0 9- Youth 1 Total - 0
  11. huntn2

    Ohio Turkey Harvests - 2018

    Team 2 Huntn2 Beard: 9.25” Spurs: .75”
  12. huntn2

    2018 The Ohio Outdoors Spring Turkey Contest - Rules & Sign-ups

    Excellent question. I’ll look to post up results in the morning.
  13. huntn2

    Team 4

  14. huntn2

    Team 4

    Season ain’t over fellas!
  15. huntn2

    Team #1 Check In

    Congrats on another nice bird!
  16. huntn2

    The "Broken" Benelli Bird

    Congrats again Jesse
  17. huntn2

    TOO Turkey Report '18

    Went back out where I had a great hunt 2 weeks ago. Hadn’t been able to make it out over that time due to moving. Setup to cut off birds based on what they did 2 weeks ago. One finally sounded off in the same area they were roosted last time out so things were looking promising. He skirted...
  18. huntn2

    Team 2

    Finally made it back out fellas. Put some points on the bird.
  19. huntn2

    TOO Turkey Report '18

    Not much can match the beauty of a spring morning...