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    Not so new

    Welcome back 👍🏼
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    Lone Wolf Climber Rebuild

    eBay or Amazon. I did the same on my Summit Viper and it made a HUGE difference
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    News Free Range Day at All ODNR Shooting Ranges - Aug 11

    The range at Deer Creek is NICE [emoji1360]
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    Ohio Camp gets a Cabin

    Very nice!
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    Tall Chads Illinois Adventure Begins Soon.........

    Good luck fellas, sounds promising!
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    Go rest high...

    Thank you all for the kind words and prayers, it really means a lot
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    Go rest high...

    Thank you Chad, that really means a lot. I’m speechless, honestly, that you would offer to do that. Thank you so much. I’ll get ahold of you via PM in the near future. Thank you again
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    Go rest high...

    Thank you all so much for your kind words, thoughts and prayers. Even though I haven’t met most of you, I know the kind of people you are so it means a lot.
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    Go rest high...

    I hesitate to post this as I know there are far bigger problems in this world but I hope this will be well received. My younger and only brother left this world to be with his creator one week ago today. The past few days have been a blur of tears, laughter, pain, and beautiful memories. I take...
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    Broadhead poll

    I switched to Muzzy Trocars a few years back after I had a mechanical not open up and I lost a deer. I’m pleased with them
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    Official "Welcome to The Ohio Outdoors" Thread

    Welcome to the madness [emoji41]
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    A Couple Of Nice Ones.

    Dandies [emoji1360]
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    Strouds 2018 - Oct. 19-21

    Try to convince him for me next time y’all get together for a [emoji484][emoji129][emoji38]
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    Strouds 2018 - Oct. 19-21

    Y’all need to start clearing these dates with my secretary first 🤣
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    Strouds 2018 - Oct. 19-21

    I’ve got a campsite reserved that weekend in Kentucky for their early muzzleloader season. If for some reason that ends up not happening I’ll do my damnedest to make it to this one....
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    OhioWhiteTails 2018 TC Pics

    Potential is an understatement [emoji15]
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    new grandbaby

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    Things to Bring to the shoot.

    Y’all are killin me, have fun! Wish I could’ve made it but I’m headin our bright n early tomorrow for Kentucky
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    Spencie 2018

    Nice one! Great pics