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  1. Matt

    Homemade adjustable boat duck blind.

    Folded up. The xmas tree had a wrap around the pole that I used to keep the fabric rolled up. In the field. No luck unfortunately that day. No birds really flying. A few after-thoughts... The blind fabric isn't the most sturdy. I eventually plan to shore it up with some burlap material and...
  2. Matt

    Homemade adjustable boat duck blind.

    Been pretty busy lately and haven't had much time to be on here, but figured I would post up my duck blind build, one of the things that has kept me busy. I wanted to make a blind that was adjustable so I could use it on my canoe as well as a small Jon boat. I used 3/4" EMT conduit, with the...
  3. Matt

    When looking for a taxidermist how do you make your choice?

    Quality for sure. Knight's Taxidermy is the best. Clinton, Ohio.
  4. Matt

    2011 - 2012 Deer Contest Harvest Thread

    Team #10 no-namers Matt Doe Sorry about the bad picture, I was in a hurry to get it butchered up.
  5. Matt

    Team # 10

    I killed a doe about 2 weeks ago. I have been pretty busy, but I'll try to get it posted up today.
  6. Matt

    Manual Meat Grinder

    I've burned through two of the cheap grinders. All plastic gears, they are all the same. Gander has one on sale on Black Friday, 3/4 h.p. that is normally $399, going for $299 and from what my one friend tells me, it's well worth it.
  7. Matt

    Opening Weekend 2011 - Success

    Nice Jim!
  8. Matt

    The TOO Duck Report

    The woodies definitely were flying this weekend. Managed two out of 8 shots. And that's not counting the ones that never gave me a chance to get the gun up. Should I admit I sucked that bad??? Lol!
  9. Matt

    Processing equipment...

    Lemme see... I got one of those electric boat winches Wally world sells, I will get a pic up of it when I do my first one with it. If anyone ever goes to the D & T expo, check out the deer processing guy. Lots of good tips, and he just SMOKES through a deer... I keep just a bowl of water and...
  10. Matt

    Do you process your own deer?

    Works ok until you burn up her nice mixer, lol! If you do more than a few deer a year, it gets to be a pain! I wait until Thanksgiving when Gander has their grinder on sale for $50. I am on my second one now. If it lasts a few years, it's worth it to me, since I can't drop the dough on a nice one...
  11. Matt

    memorial shoot, this saturday.

    No prob Schu! Joe, thanks for fixin' the link for me!
  12. Matt

    memorial shoot, this saturday.

    Posting from my phone, with a mobile link. Hope this works. A friend of a friend, Adam Hamilton, was killed in the line of duty by an IED. This Saturday they are holding a memorial shoot at aa shooting in garrettsville (northeast ohio). Cost is $30 which gets you into a pistols competition, 2...
  13. Matt

    Do you process your own deer?

    I do all my own, including sausages and jerky. I would like to buy a meat mixer for the sausage and when I cut with pork fat or pork shoulder. If you ask me, I get a lot better quality than whenever I took it to get processed somewhere (maybe that's just where I had it processed!) I used to get...
  14. Matt

    Best concealed carry holster?

    Thanks Charles, I was looking at the crossbreed. Anyone else have experience with it?
  15. Matt

    Best concealed carry holster?

    Looking for an inside waist band carry holster. I was hoping to get a few suggestions from the fine members of TOO.
  16. Matt

    Team # 10

    Congrats JD! I am sure your definition of "not the biggest" is bigger than anything we will ever bag!
  17. Matt

    PVC frame & duck blind

    Looks good! Any time you need to fill it with a body, just lemme know!
  18. Matt

    Team # 10

    Nice job buddy!
  19. Matt

    TOO October Buck of the Month: Matt Haramis' First Bow Buck

    Thanks guys! Honored to be honored! I am actually looking at the mount right now as I type, and sure enough that day comes back clear as a bell. I forgot to add in the story that when all was said and done, my shot was actually right on the money and I double-lunged him. I'm just so much so in...
  20. Matt

    Controlled waterfowl hunts in, got drawn for Ottawa.

    So does anyone want to trade for a weekend hunt somewhere? Maybe one of the local blind drawings around NE Ohio, swap for one day? Not a huge deal if I give this away, just figured I would see if someone would be willing to trade.