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  1. dante322

    Shooting steel

    Shooting high power rounds at steel at close range.... bad idea. My buddy yesterday. 762 x 39, steel was about 15 yards. Ricochet only penetrated about 1/2 inch but was right on the joint of his hip. Could have been much worse, but he's really hurting today.
  2. dante322

    First xbow kill

    Figured if I was gonna go high tech, I'd go all the way. Rage heads and all, gotta admit... the damage is impressive. She was quartering to me, I put it right on the shoulder. The bolt went through the shoulder, chest, and opposite leg, still had enough energy to bury in the ground on the other...
  3. dante322

    Political rant

    I realize I am preaching to the choir, but this needs to be said. The whole world knows this election was rigged.... the whole world. Russia, China, Iran, the whole world is laughing at the simple idiots in the U.S. To those that voted for president trump, we tried... we were hoping this...
  4. dante322


    this story goes back 2018... The morning of November 22nd, Thanksgiving, I was running an errand for my wife. I decided to make a run out past the hunting grounds to see if anything was moving. On the way back I spotted a large buck laying dead in a yard that wasn't there when I went past 15...
  5. dante322


    Not long ago, the company I work for hired a guy from the UK. Hes a good guy and I enjoy working with him and I've learned a lot about the way things are abroad. One topic that came up was his love for single malt scotch. I told him that for rural teenage redneck kids, scotch is too expensive to...
  6. dante322


    Last week the company I work for gave us a profit sharing bonus. It wasn't a lot, a little over $500, but its money I didnt have before. I'm considering using it to dip my toe into the stock market. I understand that when the market is down is when to buy. Any advice is welcome. How does a...
  7. dante322


    Given the fact I'm the one posting... it shouldn't be too hard to figure out
  8. dante322

    Mailwoman hates me

    Couple times a year she has to carry a heavy box up my steps to my door. This one is actually kinda light for a change. I have a buddy that orders at least 2000 at a time... they make him come to the post office to pick them up.
  9. dante322

    Paracord rifle sling

    Between the rain and being sick, I've been stuck in the house for a few days. Stumbled upon a YouTube video about this and though "hell, I could do that".
  10. dante322

    What you havin?

    I know a few of you guys are more familiar with adult beverages than I am. I actually dont really drink much at all any more. 2018 wasn't a horrible year for my wife and I, which is cause for celebration, and 2019 looks like it has the potential to be a bit more trying,which is a reason to...
  11. dante322

    Dantes "story from the field"...

    So, my deer hunting lately has had to take a back seat to family the last couple years. This year has been no exception. But I do still find time to get out with a couple buddies during gun weekend and do a handful of drives. The last couple years, Adam (redcloud) has gone as well. This year...
  12. dante322

    What is this?

    Last night, as Adam and I were on our way to our stands, we walked along a field that we thought had been planted with winter wheat. Now that it has sprouted, we realize it's not wheat. Any idead?
  13. dante322

    FOR SALE For sale...PSE Vision

    My son is strapped for cash, I've helped him as much as I can, but he asked me to see if I can find someone interested in his bow. I believe it's 60 lb draw, in the neighborhood of 29 inch. Deer skull camo. Nothing fancy as far as accesories, true glo sight, whisker biscuit rest true Ball...
  14. dante322

    Hunting a preserve?

    I was surfing YouTube and found a couple videos from an outfitter in ohio. Both videos showed hunters shooting huge bucks with guns. Problem is, the trees were all still green, obviously late September- early October. One of the videos was from this year. Are rules different for "preserves"...
  15. dante322

    What are we waiting for?

    In years past, I found myself hitting the woods every chance I got as soon as season started. I would normally make it till mid November and then find myself loosing enthusiasm. This year however, I find myself needing to hold off a bit. Having custody of our 4 year old granddaughter has, to...
  16. dante322

    Ruger review?

    My wife is showing interest in getting her ccw. I have a ruger LC9 that I don't really use and offered to let her have it. As we were poking around the sporting goods store today, a ruger SR22 caught her eye. She picked it up, handled it and liked the way it felt better than the 9. Anybody have...
  17. dante322

    Outboard motors.

    My father in law bought a used boat a few months ago. Yesterday, he informed me that his wife would actually like a different one and asked me if I was interested in buying his. I told him I would give him what he has in it and he agreed. So here I am, with a 16 foot (I am pretty sure it 16...
  18. dante322

    The boy finally connected

    Some of you have met my son, jesse, at the strouds gathering. Until he moved in with my wife and I a couple years ago, his interest in hunting was minimal. Since then he has gotten more involved, and made a real effort this year. He had really hoped his first deer would be taken with his bow...
  19. dante322

    Ronda rousey lost

    Dayyuummm. ..wasn't even a fight. She got straight up whooped. Her run had to end sooner or later, thought she would win this one though. Must have lost her edge with all the movie deals, commercials, and interviews. I still think she's sexy though. She can come over to my place if she...
  20. dante322

    Ooh...ooh...ooh... I know!!

    Do you know?