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  1. Hoytmania

    Who got the biggest balls??

    This guy does, took these pictures on the way to work this morning. Poor guy has to be miserable.
  2. Hoytmania

    Air Conditioning

    Hey fellas, thought I'd let you all know. If your thinking about getting or replacing your A/C. DO IT!!!!!!! Things are getting nuts. We where told today by a wholesaler of electrical, and hvac equipment that they are only selling 1 roll of romex wire per company per MONTH!! The only way you...
  3. Hoytmania

    Polaris question

    Was looking at some Polaris quads today. Looking for 2 fold. 1. Its gonna plow my drive. 2. Recreational fun for the wife and I, hunting, and general 4 wheeler stuff. Found this one and it seems a tad high but think I could get him down just a bit. Where I really need help is in the video I...
  4. Hoytmania

    Heading north to Wisconsin

    Here towards the end of next week the wife,daughter, and granddaughter will be making a pilgrimage to northern Wisconsin for my first ever out of state deer hunt. I know I've shared with a few of you via text and P.M. about meeting my biological family earlier this year.. For those of you that...
  5. Hoytmania

    My phone rang

    That means I know something!!!
  6. Hoytmania

    CCW for the wife

    As the title says the wife has finally decided to to start shopping for a nice and comfortable concealed carry. Was curious if any of your ladies carried on the daily, and if so what is their choice?
  7. Hoytmania

    Georgia hog hunt

    Just back before Christmas Austin came to me and asked if I'd be interested in going down south for a hog hunt. Here one of his coworkers goes down the first weekend in March every year. After a few details where answered about all the who, what, when's, and hows we are going. We are going to...
  8. Hoytmania

    I heard the wind blowing

    And it told me that someone killed a buck..... and it,s not Robert!!!
  9. Hoytmania

    IKS again

    Looks like there has been blood spilled again?
  10. Hoytmania

    A stranger might know something

    I know I haven't been all that active around here lately but I might know a little something that might tickle y'alls fancy.
  11. Hoytmania

    Hoyts outdoor debacles of 2018-19

    Well as I stated in another thread Dave allowing Robert and I hunt at his place was really good for my soul and a much needed breath of fresh air. So Thursday night I got a burr up my butt and decided I was gonna go get some stand time in. It seemed like the weather we had this past week was...
  12. Hoytmania

    Prayers please

    Hey fellas, I know I haven't been on the boards as much, but if you could take a moment today and say a prayer or send a positive thought it would be appreciated. My mom is having open heart surgery. It's a valve replacement and double bypass. Everyone keeps saying its routine. Maybe for...
  13. Hoytmania

    Hows it going?

    Man it's been a long time fellas. So hows everyone been. I hope you all are out there slaying some deer and enjoying the outdoors. Life has been absolutely crazy. Between the job change back in May, and both the kids moving out it's been a whirlwind of life change adjustments. Still trying to...
  14. Hoytmania

    Team #8

    Well didn't see a thread started for us, So here we are in all our fine glory. Don't expect much from me fellas, as I have yet to ever kill the infamous thunder chicken.
  15. Hoytmania

    Vehicle computers

    My jeep has been down for a while now, finally got it into the mechanic and I'm being told its the computer. My mechanic doesn't do auto electrical. So he contacted the local auto electrician. He said he doesn't even work on Chryslers computers anymore. So every one is telling me I'm at the...
  16. Hoytmania

    Another epic rocker gone.

    R.I.P. Tom Petty. You made a great career of it.
  17. Hoytmania

    Fuggin chipmunks!!!!!

    Has anybody here ever had to deal with chipmunks around their house? I've got a hole clan of them and I'm ready to do something about it! Was just curious if anyone had any first hand experience?
  18. Hoytmania

    Birds of prey.

    I know upland bird hunting. But what about birds that hunt in the upland. This guy has been hanging around on this power line tower across the street for over a week. All I know is that he is o e big bird. The tower he is on is a good 400 yds from my house.
  19. Hoytmania

    Hoyts 2016 Outdoors Relief

    Well got a mineral site put in down at the ridge. Just used Jesse's recipe and made one large site. All 200lb. in one spot. I should get plenty of pics as it's right on a major travel route through the property Got the area cleared off and churned up a little bit. 100 lb. of stock salt, 50...