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  1. Johnch

    OK I am not dead LOL

    Well I have been lurking here the last few weeks As I have been using the GF's lap top computer at her house So I spent 3 days being tested for my headackes I go back in Jan for more tests One thing they figured out was I have TMJ When they fixed my head ...well not everything got...
  2. Johnch

    I Will Not Be On Much For A While

    Well the headackes and migraines are getting worse So in a week or so I am starting to go to a Head Pain Clinic They are big into treating Trama Induced Headackes and Trama Induced Migraines I have both I start out with a 3 day stay to monitor my head pain and neck pain Then I was...
  3. Johnch

    What's my Truck Worth ?

    Well last week on the way home the transmission started to slip and in less than 200 yards it quit wanting to go ( transmission is trashed IMO ) OK it is a 2003 Chevy Silverato 1500 with the small V8 ...I think a 302 One of the "Work Truck " line they made years back So right now it is...
  4. Johnch

    Nope Non Of them Live In NW Ohio

    Well I hadn't ever seen one Well that is a Bob Cat This afternoon I was hunting one of the Trust farms Just before sunset I heard something and then saw a rabbit run past my stand A min later I saw a Bob Cat sneaking along the same trail the rabbit had just run down It was only...
  5. Johnch

    Hunting on a Trust Farm ?

    OK long story short my Grandmother set up a Trust for all the land she got from her family and what her and Gramps bought So this summer I bought out 2 cousins share ...so I now own 2/9 of the trust land and may buy another 1/9 this winter as my Uncle in Canada says his tax's , he has to pay...
  6. Johnch

    7:45 this Morning ...A nice Doe walked into Range

    Well nothing huge , but I have not hunted a lot in the last few years So when this doe walked in , I didn't wait About 20 yards out and a quartering away angle The crossbow did it's part and the 3 blade Rage broad Head did it's The doe ran ...maybe 30 yards and stopped She fell over...
  7. Johnch

    Scouting and Hanging Stands now ?

    Well I was one of the hunters hanging out for a while this morning Passed on a med doe and yearling Well as I was changing out of my camo next to the truck The guy that owns the land next to where I was hunting stopped I have tried a bunch of times to talk to him .....but I could never...
  8. Johnch

    A different type of food plot

    I figured I would give you guys a laugh and maybe some ideas Well I am not a huge food plot person But this year I am feeling better more days so I put in a few Non of them are huge and what I put in each was what I figured would grow there Well a 3 weeks ago I had the change to...
  9. Johnch

    Deer Coat Color ?

    OK a little bit ago , as I was loading wood to haul in for the furnace I watched some doe's and yearlings come out of Dad's woods behind my house to feed in the clover field 1 of the doe's and her 2 yearlings have a much darker coat Not black but a lot darker than any of the other deer I...
  10. Johnch

    Early Fall Small Mouth Bass

    Well this afternoon I had my every 2 week talk with the Shrink LOL , but he dose help with my anger problems Like wanting to pound the snot out of people sometimes for no real reason :smiley_blackeye: Well when I was done there I headed to a spot on the Maumee river that I fish I took...
  11. Johnch

    Horse Flys

    The other day I killed what I think was a horse fly But it was brown Darn thing tryed to bite me payed with it's life I always thought horse flys were black Or did I just kill a 1 of a kind critter and should have it mounted ? lmao John
  12. Johnch

    Well I am back ........for a while at least

    I have had a bunch of other things going on ....so I have slacked off Migraine numbers are up , but I am supposed to get another set of Botox shots in about a month to help with them Also I got the paper work started to go to a pain management clinic in Toledo They are supposed to be...
  13. Johnch

    Thanks for the info ......3 of my My food plots are done

    Well I have not been on the site for a little while As I am getting 3-4 Migraines a week and they are kicking my butt But yesterday I put in 3 of the 4 my planned food plots for the deer are in I was able to get 6 - 5 gallon buckets of wheat and 2/3 of a bag of short season beans from...
  14. Johnch

    Plot question ?

    OK I just got permission to hunt a new to me area 600+ acers total , but only 60 or so acers of woods and brush cover Cost was a bottle of Woodford Reserve ( good Bourbon ) but that mostly a gift to say thanks My problem , I want to put in 2 small food plots I plan on putting then...
  15. Johnch

    A Early Deer food plot

    Darn Deer Last night I could not sleep So I was up at a little past 2 AM I looked out the window at the garden There was 3 doe's eating the pea plants :smiley_blackeye: I just took a look , some pea plants lost 2" or so They will be OK But 3 Swiss Chard plants were trimmed...
  16. Johnch

    Chewed up Coyote

    I have a few snares out for Coyotes Most of the time when I get them this time of year I skin them out for the hides But the one I got this morning , I didn't I stuffed it in a blowdown It was a ....maybe a last year's litter male ( not a large Coyote) It looked like something...
  17. Johnch

    Could I have gotten a ticket ?

    The other day I went with 2 friends to have a drink ....I had 2 shots of CC BUT a while before we left I had gotten over a migraine So I had taken some Vicodin and a migraine pills Well while drinking the 2 shot , it hit me I felt like I had drank 1/2 the bottle So I went out to...
  18. Johnch

    Dentonating a Pop bottle

    Last night I bought some 2 liters of Diet Pepsi OK brain fade , I forgot to get them out of the back of the truck when I got home Fast forward to 10 min ago It dawned on me to finaly bring them in So I go out ....Darn cold outside I don't wear a coat ...so I rush I drop one of...
  19. Johnch

    Shelter Wood furnace ??

    Well how good or bad are they ? I burn wood for 90%+ of my heat My old Luxaire wood furnace ....installed in my house in the early 60's ....err broke last week Well , the door did Yes I found a used door , but the price was $$$$ and to fix a 50 year old furnace IMO not a good idea So I was...
  20. Johnch

    Not a buck ....But

    OK I filled a Land Owners doe tag this morning My brother was going to finish off a corn feild So I sat in a blow down just in the woods beside the field Not long after he started shelling , the deer started leaving the feild I didn't see a decent buck , so I picked a big doe I shot...