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  1. Boarhead


    That sucks..no drought where I'm at this year.
  2. Boarhead

    cold shot

    30 yd cold shot today with broadhead. Been shooting alot at 30 to 40 getting ready for my mule deer hunt. That was my best 40 yd group this morning. If I screw it up I am always low but doing pretty good. Wouldn't shoot that far at a whitetail they are too skittish but a muley will stand there...
  3. Boarhead

    Sharpening Wheel or Belt Sander for Broadheads?

    This is what I use . File if I need it, wheelie sharpener,jewel stick and leather strop. Does the job and makes em bleed out quick when hit.
  4. Boarhead

    What did you do for the deer today?

    Freshened some mineral sites today.
  5. Boarhead

    cold shot

    I like my shots 25 and under it is a game of how close you can get.. been practicing further shots this year for my Wyoming hunt..still gonna try and stalk in as close as I can.
  6. Boarhead

    Tip Toucher

    Another funky rack. He has a bad leg.
  7. Boarhead

    Tip Toucher

    Here ya go
  8. Boarhead

    Tip Toucher

  9. Boarhead

    Tip Toucher

    Thought the name was appropriate for this guy.Lol A month ago he looked like he could be close to touching with more growth and he sure did. Passed him up last year and he was about an inch off. Nice looking young buck.
  10. Boarhead

    Mason’s YouTube channel

    Awesome stuff Brock!
  11. Boarhead

    Hunting "Mature Whitetails" in Ohio.

    He looks 4.5 in that picture. @brock ratcliff you will have to send an arrow through him and send a tooth in then we will know for sure. My last 2 bucks were both 4.5 and one I thought would be 5 or 6.
  12. Boarhead

    cold shot

  13. Boarhead

    Recurve bow recommendations

    I would start out in the 40 to 48 pound range if I were you. Will be easier and you will be able to handle it easily and not develop poor shooting habits. I like my black widow bows but they are pricey for a starter bow. I bought mine for hunting as they are a tool and gonna get some dings or...
  14. Boarhead

    cold shot

  15. Boarhead

    Today marks 28 years

    Congrats Ric and Dave! 31 coming up for Lisa and I Sept 30th.
  16. Boarhead

    CGM Foot Loops....Amazing!

    You think these would make it more comfortable?