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    back in the saddle

    Finnally shooting my bow pretty good after i got worked back up to drawing 55 pounds back. I figured i should get my butt back out in the woods after all its the rut. Last two evenings have been pretty good had a nice 8 point at 60 yards yesterday and watched a 6 point chase a doe. Tonight was...
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    im in remission baby

    My last two bone marrow biopsies have come back cancer free cant climb with my climber yet but im working on it. I miSsed 95% of fishing season so im hoping to make deer season b better
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    transplant went well

    got my bone marrow transplant today , been sleepy every since , will hopefully be back in the woods by first day of bow season , thatnsk for all the get well wish's and prayers
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    wow been awhile

    been awhile since i posted , kinda went on a mini vacation before my bone marrow transplant was up in morrow ,richland , crawford , and knox counties doing some fishing at clear fork , kokosing, knox , and powers reserviors , plus managed to win one catfish tournament while i was up there down...
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    FOR SALE shimano calcutta 400 b

    I have a almost brand new shimano calcutta on a 10 foot dipsy diver rod that im wanting to sell for 200 or will consider trades on guns or something its in excellent shape only been used bout dozen times can send pic. Beatiful reel and rod just doesn't have the line capacity i need for distance...
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    uglykats lukemia thread

    well since my summer is screwed and all plans have been put on hold and i cant post pics of catfish , i figure i would enlighten some of you or any one who is bored enough to read this thread the life , times and trials a cancer patient goes through on the road to recovery
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    going home tomorrow

    2 hospitals 6 weeks and numerous blood transfusions ,2 biopsy's chemotherapy and a plastic tube in the side of my neck i finnally get to go home tomorrow , they are gonna do one more biopsy in the morning then boot my butt outta here :pickle::pickle::smiley_clap::smiley_clap:
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    well as most of ya know i was diagnosed with lukemia on march 14th and was really close to not being here to write this thread , and ive been in west penn hospital ever since undergoing chemo the week of the 14th . well we got the 2nd biopsy results back and my bone marrow is cancer free which...
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    just to fill everyone in

    if you guys havent heard i havent been on cause i have been in and out of the hospital last couple months , on march 14 i was diagnosed with acute myloid lukemia , im currently in west penn hospital in pittsburgh , i came in with a white blood cell count of 100,000 or 100.0 in medical terms ...
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    im back

    ok who missed me ,
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    what the heck is going on

    mother nature needs to get off her rag and decide on if she wants cold weather or warm weather , this bullshit of freezing and thawing is getting on my nerves , not much open water and not enough hard water , who pissed her off i want names damn it
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    swap meat

    ok guys im being serious , so i dont want to hear any off topic comments i was asked by guy that runs fishing and hunting swap meets to help him set one up in my area. i have never ran one or even been to one so im turning to you guys for a little insight on what you would like to see at one ...
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    january catfish and no ice

    not a bad way to start off the 2012 pay lake year , a 15 pound blue cat , this is byfar the latest into winter i have seen no ice on a pond or reservior
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    my scent smoker experience

    ya heard it before , and gonna hear it again . I was very skeptic over the scent smoker , i baught one second hand back in november figured i would give it a try , boy o boy if i would have had this the 8 pointer i hunted this year would be on my wall right now, i really didnt get to use it to...
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    did you guys miss me

    well im back , got alot of stuff resolved , didnt take as long as i thaught it would , still waiting to hear back on my eye booger problem , but got the most of the rest of the stuff resolved and im back with some points for my team and some cool stories and pics to post up
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    be back in awhile

    hey guys just figured i would let you guys know i wont be on for awhile , didnt want any one to freak out or put my face on posters and stick em in the fishing sections of stores with missing above it , gotta deal with some stuff , be back in a few months
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    wackem and stackem

    Gots me another for the freezer trying to post pic from my phone
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    what a spread

    trying to get full story on it , but a heck of a deer by anyones means
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    scrape hunting question

    sitting in my stand the other evening , i watch a nice buck come in and make scrapes about every 40 to 50 yards along the woodsline that borders a corn field . the scrape line is inside the woods about 30 yards from the field , now this scrape line follows the woods line from where the woods...
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    pictures from the last two days

    this is the squirrel i shot at yesterday this was the last bird in the group of turkeys the lead bird was lucky i missed this was one of the groups of birds that i have been seeing regularly out of my stand sorry dont have pics of my broken arrow from the coyote ill...