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  1. swantucky

    2022 Solid water

    When we got checked by the pickerel police at Catawba the warden said "That is the creepiest thing I have ever seen and you seem drunk". Fishing has been less than stellar for me this year but I love being out there. Hunters are a minority, big water icefishermen are a statistical error. Glad...
  2. swantucky

    Lake Erie Charter fishing

    Hunter needs to post the pic from a couple years back Brock.......the resemblance in that pic is scary. LMAO
  3. swantucky

    Introducing TheOhioOutdoors Podcast!

    Just trying to up my post count to become a "dignatary" member. I thought it went really smoove and the sound quality was great. Impressive.
  4. swantucky

    Introducing TheOhioOutdoors Podcast!

    Nice work guys.
  5. swantucky

    Friday Night Jukebox

    Prolly fucked up posting the video but hi guys.
  6. swantucky

    Friday Night Jukebox

    "and when you get to the end".....
  7. swantucky

    Lake Erie Charter fishing

    I did, we had customers out. I tend to stay in my lane when I have work people out. That had to be some of the fastest action I have ever seen out there! Three of the five guys had never really trolled before so there were several mishaps until they figured out the program. We lost fish and...
  8. swantucky

    Baiting Mature Bucks.

    I am late to this thread but we have used this program for years and it works pretty good. It does not work all of the time but enough to keep us doing it. We call it "dump and thump".
  9. swantucky

    WTF Trail Cam Pic's 2018

    Flying skerl.
  10. swantucky

    As good as mwrecks???

    I could not resist temptation. I bought a turkey tag, loaded a gun, and tried to kill a turkey after work today. I was unsuccessful. Hope mwrecks is happy, my success rate is now 50%. I was close but realized too late I left my bug spray and calls in the milf van. I was violated by skeeters in...
  11. swantucky

    Poacher around Portland Ohio

    Ever watch "cops" or "the first 48"?? Criminals are not generally masterminds.:pickle:
  12. swantucky

    Lake Erie Charter fishing

    I have been out with Chad several times this year and had a blast both times. He really works his ass off to get you on fish. I was worn out. Feel free to pm me with any questions. Now that he has the new boat I will likely have to go again to check it out. I have no perch in the freezer.
  13. swantucky

    Alaska bound

    Great pics!! Makes me want to go there again...visited in the 90's, did a little fishing but no hunting. Swore I would go back but with a rifle or bow, no way I go there again and don't hunt. Wildest place in this country.
  14. swantucky

    The things you see on back roads

    Awesome find, that is really cool!!!
  15. swantucky

    2016 Summer Gathering - Mingo Sportsman Club - July 22-24

    Mine rancher is due for new skins, thanks for the info! Now if I could decide what to get.....a lot of choices there!!!
  16. swantucky

    It's a Boy!

    Tyrone?? Congrats bro!! As others have said it blows by fast, hang on!!!
  17. swantucky

    Lucky to be here today. Lucky beyond belief.

    Just saw this, too much to keep up with on this forum!! You are way lucky Joe! I have spent some time in cold water and it is scary. I hope my worst mistakes are behind me, I know for a fact that if I ended up in some of the same situations now I found myself in when I was younger no way I...
  18. swantucky

    First Trip

    Good luck warreye warrior!
  19. swantucky

    New guy NW Ohio

  20. swantucky

    Walleye Run

    You fishing tomorrow?? I think Hunter and I may hit it in the morning before we have to start setting up blinds for our handicapped turkey hunt. We will likely fish rain or shine.