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  1. Boarhead

    Tip Toucher

    Thought the name was appropriate for this guy.Lol A month ago he looked like he could be close to touching with more growth and he sure did. Passed him up last year and he was about an inch off. Nice looking young buck.
  2. Boarhead

    Deer Age

    Got my results back from deerrage.com from the teeth I sent in to be tested. This past seasons 194 inch buck with the muzzy was 4.5 years old and the season before 167 inch buck with the recurve was also 4.5 yrs old. Good to know the actual age and not be guessing what it is. Very proud to have...
  3. Boarhead

    Dead Yote

    After shed hunting yesterday I took time to set a few snares. Been seeing alot more yotes this past deer season so figured I would take a few out the next couple of weeks. Been a few years since I set any so was fun to catch one right away. Have 6 sets out might try and get a few more set this...
  4. Boarhead

    2020 Buck

    Picked up my 2020 buck. He is my best recurve kill so far at 167". He was 4.5 years old and my 5th buck with a droptine. I will post some more pics when I get him hung on the wall.
  5. Boarhead

    Happy New Year

  6. Boarhead

    Bears eat hunters deer.

  7. Boarhead

    How does this even happen?

    my buddy Kevin sent me this.. kid musta been sleeping🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️
  8. Boarhead

    Lt Governor

    Didn't realize he was a hunter.. nice buck his daughter killed.
  9. Boarhead

    New Black Widow Bow

    I took a trip to Black widow bow company back in early April, while there I ordered a new bow and after a 6 month wait I got it today. It is a psax #54 @28 and 60 inches. I really like how it turned out the riser is Ziricote and tiger myrtle and the limbs are spalted maple. The quiver is from...
  10. Boarhead

    Whiskey barrel pedestal mount.

    My buddy Tommy and I just finished my whiskey barrel pedestal mount. I added a pedestal hanger from Full Range Hanging Systems and then mixed up some poly foam to add to top of base, after it dried I took a rasp to it and also cut some sections out to give it some contour and brushed on liquid...
  11. Boarhead

    Roadkill Bobcat

    This one got hit a few miles from my house. Our GW said he picked it up yesterday,it was a big male. Seems like we are getting more of them here in Central Ohio.
  12. Boarhead

    Buck age

    So just curious how many guys think they are good at aging a buck either by looking at cam pics or teeth after they are dead. Just curious to see how old you guys think this buck is by these pics.
  13. Boarhead

    Little bastards

    Gonna be dead bastards pretty soon...must have a den really close by.. Dave?🤪
  14. Boarhead

    Pole saw

    My buddy got this Dewalt pole saw and let me and Cole @002 try it out trimming out some stand sites. Damn thing is real nice and saves alot of time and the battery lasts a long time on one charge . Gonna have to get me one. He got it at TSC
  15. Boarhead

    Walmart got hacked

    https://www.businessinsider.com/walmart-apologizes-over-racist-email-changes-customer-sign-up-process-2021-5?amp#aoh=16231682846686&referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&amp_tf=From%20%251%24s Wonder if they will boycott Walmart...my guess is no.
  16. Boarhead

    It happens quick

  17. Boarhead

    Hunting books for kids.

    Posting this for all you guys with kids that hunt or showing interest or could get them interested in hunting. Might be something they would enjoy reading.
  18. Boarhead

    Old reward posters

    Was cleaning out my ammo cabinet yesterday and came across these old reward posters for turkey poaching. Some guys will remember them being around in the early to mid 80s when they were trapping and transferring birds to different counties to try and get birds established in other parts of the...
  19. Boarhead

    Cool mount

    Some pics of a different mount I saw yesterday online. What do you guys think? It is different.