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  1. NAC1989

    Reelfoot lake Tennessee?

    My dad has been wanting to fish this lake for over a year now and he made reservations at a lodge so we’re heading down there around noon. Everything I’ve looked up says it’s a great crappie and bluegill lake and according to the lodge owner there still biting good. Just curious if anyone has...
  2. NAC1989

    10/23 was a good night!

    Finally got some time to sit down and post this. I‘ll start off by saying I don’t post a lot on here, but this forum is a wealth of knowledge and I’ve learned so much from the years of being on here and truly enjoy and value what everyone post. A story on this deer, I was working ridiculous...
  3. NAC1989

    FOR SALE 2014 Hoyt Charger

    Selling my 2014 Hoyt charger with the Fuse package that came with Fuse quiver, Fuse 3 pin sight, Fuse stabilizer and a QAD drop away rest. It's 60-70lb draw and I can't remember what the draw length is set at but I believe it's 27 or 28". I'm throwing in 11 Easton carbon aftermath arrows, 3...
  4. NAC1989

    NAC1989's Trail cam pics 2015-2016

    I'm a little late to getting around to posting this but here it goes. I started hunting this property seriously last year and I'm still learning the movements but so far everything is running about the same pattern as last year. Ive got one doe that is consistently on the property and has...
  5. NAC1989

    FOR SALE 2008 Ford F-250XLT 4x4 6.4l powerstroke diesel

    Selling my truck. Extended cab long bed. Truck has 65,5xx miles on it. Non smoker. Interior is very clean exterior is in good shape it does have a few small scratches and one dent above the left tail light (see pics). Tow package with built in electronic brake controller and a spray in bedliner...
  6. NAC1989

    Wasn't my intended target but I'll take it

    Walking back from the stand tonight and ran across this gal, I was less then 10 yards from it and how it didn't see me in blaze orange or hear me I really don't know. I hunt a woods right off I-70 so I have to assume it couldn't hear me over the traffic but how it didn't see me is still a...
  7. NAC1989

    The Coywolf

    Hello all! I've been on here for a little while now reading all the great info and it really seems like this is great group on here. I've never introduced myself so I figured its time. My name is Nathan, usually go by Nate. I know Alex aka TripleA88 on here he's been one of my best friends...