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    First OH buck

    nice looking buck , congrats
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    Got a new bull

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    Albino Squirrel

    wheres my 22 when i need it
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    back in the saddle

    Finnally shooting my bow pretty good after i got worked back up to drawing 55 pounds back. I figured i should get my butt back out in the woods after all its the rut. Last two evenings have been pretty good had a nice 8 point at 60 yards yesterday and watched a 6 point chase a doe. Tonight was...
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    I know sumptin'

    Nice doe ben congrats
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    Tag Team Squirrel Hunting

    Tag teaming squirrels are fun. Good job
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    im in remission baby

    My last two bone marrow biopsies have come back cancer free cant climb with my climber yet but im working on it. I miSsed 95% of fishing season so im hoping to make deer season b better
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    Contest Alternates

    Im always late to the party lol if a spot opens up im game
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    2012-2013 The Ohio Outdoors Deer Contest Signup

    had fun last year , dont know how muchhelp i will be this year but count me in
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    transplant went well

    got my bone marrow transplant today , been sleepy every since , will hopefully be back in the woods by first day of bow season , thatnsk for all the get well wish's and prayers
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    wow been awhile

    caught a eight pounder on live shad , flatties are hitting at knox and channels are hitting at kokosing
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    My 2011 public land buck

    hell of a public land buck
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    wow been awhile

    been awhile since i posted , kinda went on a mini vacation before my bone marrow transplant was up in morrow ,richland , crawford , and knox counties doing some fishing at clear fork , kokosing, knox , and powers reserviors , plus managed to win one catfish tournament while i was up there down...
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    FOR SALE shimano calcutta 400 b

    I have a almost brand new shimano calcutta on a 10 foot dipsy diver rod that im wanting to sell for 200 or will consider trades on guns or something its in excellent shape only been used bout dozen times can send pic. Beatiful reel and rod just doesn't have the line capacity i need for distance...
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    great site

    just watch out for the ass grabbers ......welcome to the site
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    Wish me luck

    good luck matt
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    New to the site

    welcome to the site