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  1. Dannmann801

    So How Long until Kickoff?

    Our culture in decline, our economy off the rails, wars and rumors of wars, pestilence and pandemic. A mainstream media that lies and manipulates us. Our country divided politically and socially. A government that calls wrong right and right wrong Broken supply chains and seemingly nobody with...
  2. Dannmann801

    Need some help shopping for a Muzzy

    OK boys, need some help – Woman I know wants to buy her son a KY long rifle for his 40th birthday. She wants it to be pretty to sit on the mantle, but also functional so he can take it afield and kill a deer with it. Asked me for guidance on what to get, told her I’d look in to it – So I’m...
  3. Dannmann801

    Something to do with leg shanks

    Who likes beans? Here's an excellent article and recipe for cowboy beans - https://kentrollins.com/cowboy-beans/ I actually ran across this on YouTube, then went to the website to print out the recipe. The beans with the hamhock is awesome. So last night, instead of a hamhock or soupbone, I...
  4. Dannmann801

    Mossberg 500 Combo

    Had lunch yesterday with a friend of mine, he’s new to the world of firearms. Has a 9mm pistol and a Ruger 10/22 He asked me for advice on what he should buy next, maybe an assault-type rifle, etc. I told him nope, his next purchase should be a Mossberg 500 combo and explained why, etc. That...
  5. Dannmann801

    Farming and gardening questions

    First thing - So two Saturdays ago I was driving up 1-71 in the early morning, and I noticed that fields were wet and hadn't been planted. Hadn't even been plowed or tilled. Corn stubble from last year. Struck me funny, I know it's been kind of a shitty Spring, but I was thinking things would...
  6. Dannmann801

    Deer vs Cow

    Very funny video https://vm.tiktok.com/TTPd6VvRcv/
  7. Dannmann801

    Make sure he's dead

    Take I look, this would suck https://vm.tiktok.com/TTPdjquXcL/
  8. Dannmann801

    Talk to me about Tappan Lake

    So I drove by Tappan Lake recently on my way to deer camp in Jefferson County, saw a bunch of deer at sunset out in fields. Peaked my interest so I started looking at the public area on Onx Hunt. If you have any experience with deer hunting there, tell me if I'm barking up the right tree or...
  9. Dannmann801

    Firefighter practice/training?

    @JOHNROHIO so buddy is this how y'all hang out and train at the firehouse? https://vm.tiktok.com/ZM8JrJgS6/
  10. Dannmann801

    African fishing

    Saw this video, thought it was interesting. Never seen anything like it https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMRutodwP/
  11. Dannmann801

    Pressure canner

    So is this unit suitable for a first time canner, or should I try to find something more upscale? @Jamie @bowhunter1023 @Jackalope
  12. Dannmann801

    Seeking Donations for a Co-worker in need

    I have a coworker whose husband has been diagnosed with late stage bile duct cancer. The prognosis is not good. They are a young couple (early 40's) and for this to happen to them is a very bad situation. The husband's best friend from work has started a GoFundMe page for them to help with...
  13. Dannmann801

    Looking for a good fishing resort in MI or KY - open to suggestions

    So a group of us have been going to Canada on a regular basis for a week long fish camp for a number of years. You know the kind of place, with cabins and docks and boat rentals and not too fancy. Well, Covid put the squash on us last year, and it looks like the border is gonna be closed again...
  14. Dannmann801

    Anybody wanna vouch for Springfield Armory?

    So I've decided that I want a .45ACP handgun - last March I'd decided that I wanted a standard full size Ruger SR1911, and found one at Point Blank one day at lunch while I was there to pop off a few rounds. Told myself I'd come back next day to purchase and it was gone. I've been looking for...
  15. Dannmann801

    Joe"s Cousin tells a joke

    I see family resemblance here, some Dixie shit..
  16. Dannmann801

    Countdown to Ohio 2021 deer season

    For my own amusement - based on regs for West Oh sunrise table https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20210925T0656&p0=810&msg=Ohio+Deer+Season&ud=1&font=cursive
  17. Dannmann801

    Definition question

    So I have access to land to hunt in Kentucky, had a great time there during the gun season. One of the things that intrigued me about KY is that their gun season for "Modern Firearms" means that you can use most any gun or rifle, any caliber. I got a chance to hunt with my 30-30, which was cool...
  18. Dannmann801

    Dannmann's Kentucky Escapade

    So I'm hunting in Kentucky this week on some private land that my son-in-law's family owns. Gun season started Saturday and runs for two weeks. So far I have a doe down and I shot my first Button Buck this morning. I was tripping, I thought it was a doe and when I came up on it said my prayers...
  19. Dannmann801

    Somebody mighta done a little something.....

    Something has happened, and you'll be surprised.....😏