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  1. Fluteman

    Startlink internet

    This is how we managed to have a bit of internet for school work. I had to install a $1500 booster and then service would be 8mb at best. Starlink is far from perfect, but it's great for those of us without a better option. Hope you are as happy with it as we have been so far.
  2. Fluteman

    Startlink internet

    We've had it for a month, via the workaround. We've never had internet available to us, so this is very exciting times for us. Speeds will vary if you are roaming, as the customers within a cell are given preference over those roaming. I have seen download speeds up to 250, but average around...
  3. Fluteman

    Honda Pioneer???

    The 700 should be fine then! The manual transmission is great. Really cuts down on the engine noise since you can run at a lower rpm the majority of the time. Enjoy!
  4. Fluteman

    Honda Pioneer???

    Brock, I didn't realize initially that was a 700, so it has a 3 speed transmission. Not sure what all you intend to use it for, but a 1000 may be better suited for you depending on your needs. Thing is, a 1000 is going to cost you several thousand more. Just food for thought.
  5. Fluteman

    Honda Pioneer???

    I've had a 1000-5 for a little over a year now, no issues. I like the fold down rear seat and dump bed. Very versatile machine.
  6. Fluteman

    Muzzleloader Scopes

    Spend the extra dough and get the Leupold VX-3. The eye relief alone is worth the extra $$$.
  7. Fluteman

    Masons buck 2021

    Very cool deer, and great video! Congrats Mason! Great editing as well!
  8. Fluteman

    I heard another stud killed a stud…..

    Thanks fellas. Happy to take this guy. Both of the big deer I had on camera were killed on neighboring properties. Felt this guy had reached his potential, so he took a dirt nap!
  9. Fluteman

    UTV Reciever & Speakers - What's on your ride?

    I have a jbl charge as well and I love it, use it for all kinds of outdoor stuff. In my Pioneer, I installed a JL Bluetooth controller, it's running off a 300w jl amp running two 6.5" JL wakeboard speakers mounted to the roll cage, and a small kicker sub under the seat. The amp is around the...
  10. Fluteman

    Lumber prices😳

    I'll tell you, I'm glad I was fortunate enough to build two years ago. Prices are ridiculous right now. I've been working on the old garage on the farm doing upgrades. Finished electrical and now I'm building shelves. Bought 18 2x4s and 2 sheets of 3/4" plywood, and had $275 in lumber. Hell...
  11. Fluteman

    1023's Farm Tour - March 13, 2021

    Did anybody tell him they only had bulls?
  12. Fluteman

    Anybody wanna vouch for Springfield Armory?

    Beautiful gun Danno! I've been thinking seriously about the purchase of a full size 1911. Something that would be accurate and enjoyable to shoot!
  13. Fluteman

    Guns & Ammo Sales.

    I heard Bridgeport lifted their purchase limits last week. Haven't verified for myself.
  14. Fluteman

    Anybody wanna vouch for Springfield Armory?

    I've got the same too, but my XD-M is the compact as well. Never had an issue one and they both shoot very well for a sub 4" barrel.
  15. Fluteman

    Cell phone boosters

    I've got a Wilson Pro 70 booster that boosts all services and does very well. Wilson is very good about explaining coverage expectancy based on service without the booster. They are a PIA to set up, but they do work if you have some type of cell signal. . If you have zero reception, this will...
  16. Fluteman

    Introducing TheOhioOutdoors Podcast!

    Haha, trying to slowly re-establish a presence on the forum!
  17. Fluteman

    Introducing TheOhioOutdoors Podcast!

    New to the podcast realm, but enjoyed the TOO introduction. Be interesting to see what the platform does for the forum. Well done fellas!
  18. Fluteman

    Ladder Stick Modification...

    Do not do it Fletch. Buy the sticks that come in 32" sections and don't nest together, but work independently. I got these at rural king on clearance a few years ago for half the price. I use them at the top of a 20ft section of sticks for added height, but they would be perfect for this...
  19. Fluteman


    Prayers for you and your family Dustin.
  20. Fluteman

    I don't often splurge, but I splurged: new pack

    Excellent, thanks for the pictures. I know you are a saddle hunter now, but how do you feel this pack would work for a guy that would want to carry good sized hang on between the frame and the pack? Right now, the properties I hunt allow me to have sticks and receivers up where all I need to...