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  1. Big_Holla

    Anti-Hunters & Bear

    Pretty fucked up people out there. https://www.bowhunting.com/article/vermont-woman-assaults-hunters-with-bear-spray/
  2. Big_Holla

    Bobcat Attacks Dog

    Probably could have put this in the Doggone thread... https://www.fieldandstream.com/survival/man-fights-bobcat/?fbclid=IwAR29GiQ86gmnHxT06UIW-P58iAdTzrg5gS1-nSW_5Zi-Xv86jbynq-Z1HqQ
  3. Big_Holla

    Jeanie in the bottle

  4. Big_Holla

    Lawnmower Blades

    Curious if all mower blades are created equal? What makes a zero turn cut pretty lines but yet my riding mower doesn't? I bought our lawn tractor over 20 years ago and bought one extra set of blades for the 60 inch mower deck. I've sharpened and re-sharpened them so much to the point where I...
  5. Big_Holla

    Big Holla's Family Farm

    Time to get it started. I often fade off keeping a hunting season journal active as the season goes as we end up doing so much more than just hunt at the farm. I thought maybe if I put all my farm updates, trail camera pics and farm projects in one spot perhaps you guys will enjoy following...
  6. Big_Holla

    Muzzleloader Scopes

    Looking for a muzzleloader scope for a CVA Accura. I bought the gun a while back and have just never gotten around to putting a scope on it to use. Planning to put the scope on it and give it to Jenna for Christmas since they are planning to go down for muzzy season. I like the lifetime...
  7. Big_Holla

    Muzzleloader Supplies

    Got to thinking about the availability of things since my daughter's BF does not have a muzzy and may be in the market. Last few times I checked 209 primers were still nonexistent but I was able to find no. 11 caps for both my cap-lock and my Remington 700 ML. The Hornady sabots I use I was...
  8. Big_Holla

    Could Not Be More Proud!

    Today was looking bitter sweet as Allen had his regional cross country meet and possibly his last race for high school. It was a rainy and muddy mess so our expectations we’re not very high for the day. However Allen worked his ass off and actually qualified to go to the state finals for...
  9. Big_Holla

    Marketplace - Loc-On Treestand

    Ran across this while looking through marketplace and recalled a few were looking for Loc-On stands. He’s out of Columbus.
  10. Big_Holla

    A Little BH Family Traditional History

    When my dad passed I was able to get some of his past traditional archery history. Feels good to hold them in my hands and perhaps some day I will string them up to shoot but for now they will stay the way they are. Partly because I’m afraid of breaking them. The first is a longbow that he...
  11. Big_Holla

    Crossbow Broadheads

    Looking for recommendations on broadheads for my daughter Jenna to use in a crossbow. She is looking at some of the new mid priced Tenpoint crossbows and was asking me for advice. With the faster crossbows are you limiting yourself to a mechanical these days or would some of the bigger fixed...
  12. Big_Holla

    Another TOO Brother Birthday.......this time Baseball DAD!

    Happy Birthday @cotty16
  13. Big_Holla

    Smarter than a first grader

    A first-grade teacher, Ms Brooks, was having trouble with one of her more precocious students. The teacher asked, 'Harry, what exactly is your problem?' Harry answered, 'I'm too smart for the 1st grade. My sister is in the 3rd grade and I'm smarter than she is! I think I should be in the 3rd...
  14. Big_Holla

    Big Holla's 2021/22 Season Journal

    Let's get this season started!! This past weekend my wife Terry and I headed down to the farm. Jenna had a wedding to attend and work and Allen was lucky enough to have things going on as well as doggy duty. We both took Friday off and headed down early Friday morning. The plan was to get...
  15. Big_Holla

    Moonshine Festival

    This weekend
  16. Big_Holla

    Water Treatment Plant Hacked

    Damn, this could be a game changer. You thought remote access to our polls was bad, this is right up there! https://www.foxnews.com/us/fbi-florida-authorities-tips-water-treatment-hacking
  17. Big_Holla

    NRA Files Chapter 11

  18. Big_Holla

    Jenna and the "Big 9"

    This one has been a long time coming so please bear with me! Jenna started the week with finals in her second to last semester in Nursing School. She passed them with flying colors and since we had already decided to get her her Ohio deer license it was very fitting to give that to her this...
  19. Big_Holla

    Taxidermist Between Athens and Columbus

    Looking for a new taxidermist somewhere between Athens and Columbus off Rt 33 so to speak. Or for that matter Columbus and say Toledo.