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  1. huntn2


    This season began like many, a good crop of 120” – 140” daylight regulars through late summer across different properties. Come September, unlike most years, almost all daylight activity from every mature buck vanished from my favorite deer property. Every two weeks or so, I’d get a nighttime...
  2. huntn2

    HID / LED headlight/fog light conversion kits?

    My OEM lights on the 2015 Sierra suck. Anyone have any experience with installing a conversion kit to swap out factory setups?
  3. huntn2

    Tricks with treats...

    Hanging a stand to “trick” a buck can land quite a “treat”.... Anyone know of a nice Halloween reward?
  4. huntn2

    2018 Ohio Turkey Contest Leaderboard

    Final results are as follows: Team 3 - 115 Team 1 - 75 Team 7 - 65 Team 2 - 60 Team 4 - 50 Team 8 - 10 Team 5 - 0 Team 6 - 0 9- Youth 1 Total - 0
  5. huntn2

    Ohio Turkey Harvests - 2018

    Please use this thread for all birds being submitted for the 2018 "The Ohio Outdoors" Turkey Hunting contest. For all entries, please include the following: Team Name Hunter Name For "buddy birds" the Caller Name and Callers Team Name Beard Lengths Spur Lengths State of harvest Picture of the...
  6. huntn2

    Team 2

    huntn2 checking in for Team 2. I will be hunting in Ashtabula, Geauga, Portage and Medina Counties. Also will be taking my son, Landon for his first hunt as well as two of my landowners. Between helping others and moving, I am hopeful to put a bird or 2 down :) Ryan
  7. huntn2

    2018 Spring Turkey Contest - Team Assignments

    Below are the team assignments for the 2018 TOO Spring Turkey Competition. Please create a team thread and check in ASAP. We have 1 youth team this season. I will continue to create new teams of 4 as we get enough alternates. The buddy bird system remains to help promote the brotherhood of TOO...
  8. huntn2

    2018 The Ohio Outdoors Spring Turkey Contest - Rules & Sign-ups

    Time to get the ball rolling for this years TOO Spring Turkey Contest. Sign-ups will remain open for the next 3 weeks (closing at 11:59 PM 4/13). This will allow teams 1 week to get checked in with one another. Below are the rules for the 2018 TOO Spring Turkey Competition. Format/Rules are...
  9. huntn2

    Never quit...

    This season started like others in the past, with high hopes. Though, this year, compared to the past 2 seasons, I was actually running cameras over the summer on multiple properties. As summer neared its end, I had several bucks on different properties for which I would gladly take if...
  10. huntn2

    Blood is red, snow is white...

    Blood is red, snow is white A deer in its bed, is dead tonight...
  11. huntn2

    2017 - 2018 TOO Deer Contest Leaderboard

    Leaderboard is long overdue and no one to blame on that but me.... Finally got around to recording the posts in the Harvest Thread. Therefore, the below is based on the scores derived from the posts/pics contained in the harvest thread for which I know is absent many harvests. If you feel I...
  12. huntn2


    Another deer with male genitalia hit the ground this morning that I don’t see a thread about....
  13. huntn2

    2016’s buck

    Picked up last years buck today. Will post more pictures when I get him home.
  14. huntn2


    Anyone know about a deer taking a nap?
  15. huntn2

    Christmas Ideas

    Let’s here it guys. What are your hunting tools/accessories, articles of clothing, stands, ladders, sticks, decoys, calls, arrows, Broadhead’s, nocks, etc. that are the cats pajamas - that you either wouldn’t go without or are tops on your wish lists.
  16. huntn2

    TOO Deer Contest Harvest Thread

    Please enter your qualifying kills here. As a reminder the scoring and picture guidelines are as follows... Picture Guidelines: With each deer, please post several pictures of your harvest. All submissions must include the following: •1 picture of the hunter and the deer •1 picture of...
  17. huntn2

    Team 10

    Team 10 huntn2 Isaacorps finelyshedded bigten05 Schu72 Checking in gentlemen - lets do this! Ryan
  18. huntn2

    2017 - 2018 TOO Deer Contest Team Assignments

    Below are the team assignments for the 2017 – 2018 TOO Deer Hunting Competition. Please create your own team thread within the “2017/18 Ohio Deer Hunting Contest” Forum. If everyone can check-in within their respective team threads ASAP it will be appreciated. Deadline to sign-in with your...
  19. huntn2

    2017 - 2018 The Ohio Outdoors Deer Hunting Contest - Sign-up

    I thought I was behind on getting this rolling the past two years...allegedly bow opener is 19 days from today....:smiley_blackeye: Rules and scoring remain the same as years past and are posted in another sticky as a refresher or for any new members to the deer contests. You must have a...
  20. huntn2

    2017 - 2018 The Ohio Outdoors Deer Contest Rules

    Official 2017 - 2018 TOO Deer Competition TOO Deer Competition Rules General Rules: •A minimum of 50 posts are required to participate •Teams will be randomly drawn 9/11/2016 •A hunter may submit a total of 2 deer in the contest but only 1 may be antlered •All deer harvested during...