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  1. Big_Holla

    Doggone good dog thread

    Our dog Sadie sure has taken to the farm when we come down. Loves her rides on the 4 wheeler and especially the walks. Took her down in the big holla over the weekend and man she loved the water!
  2. Big_Holla

    Big Holla's Family Farm

    While we were out Saturday evening glassing the beans we spotted a dandy buck that looked to be living in the beans. I ended up installing a camera over near there as I had found they were mowing down the beans in this corner nearby. Pretty happy with this new camera location! Some...
  3. Big_Holla

    Big Holla's Family Farm

    Cabin - 5: BNB & Buck.It Ready clover - Approx. 0.25 acre. The plot extends around an island of trees to the right of these pics and into a good sized area of the cornfield that did not get planted again this year. Rock Point - 6: BNB & Buck.It Ready clover - New plot and we were rushing...
  4. Big_Holla

    Big Holla's Family Farm

    The plan in June was to mow all of the plots I intended to plant, then let re-grow for a while to create a nice thatch. My theory was that once it got sprayed it wouldn't be too thick for the seed to fall down and reach the ground to grow, but it would provide thatch to hold moisture and...
  5. Big_Holla

    Big Holla's Family Farm

    It has been a long time since I updated this so here goes!! Back on June 18 we did a ton of mowing, mostly plots but also all the trails and access points. Ran across several pics that Terry and I had taken to show how my "brush-hog" got the job done in preparation for this past weekend. Barn...
  6. Big_Holla

    What did you do for the deer today?

    I'm hoping it comes in nice this year. I've done it in years past so there is something beneficial for spring and summer but then end up spraying it and planting some sort of brassica if it doesn't come in thick enough. Will see this year!
  7. Big_Holla

    Creamer's 2022-2023 Trail Cam Pics

    Yessir, that's a great start on the public.
  8. Big_Holla

    Cordless chainsaws

    We have definitely gotten our money's worth out of our Ryobi 40V pole saw. I set it up with the shortest extension and it is long enough for most of our trail clearing chores but short enough that I have used it countless times clearing pretty good sized logs out of the way. This past weekend...
  9. Big_Holla

    What did you do for the deer today?

    6 food plots @ 1/4 acre or larger each and one small corner all done in Big N Beasty with clover or clover and chickory. More to come in my farm thread.
  10. Big_Holla

    Sharpening Wheel or Belt Sander for Broadheads?

    That reminds me of a guy I knew years ago that swore up and down he was the best knife sharpener around. I let him sharpen a brand new knife my wife gave me one year because I was having a tough time putting an edge on it. He returned it to me and it was so scratched up I was absolutely pissed...
  11. Big_Holla

    What's in your cup?

    There it is!! 🤣🍻
  12. Big_Holla

    2022 SHROOMS

    How do you store them in the meantime for eating? Fridge or cool dry place?
  13. Big_Holla

    Anti-Hunters & Bear

    Seems she should definitely get something more severe since the one boy was only 13 that she sprayed with the bear spray. Fucking cunt.
  14. Big_Holla

    Anti-Hunters & Bear

    Pretty fucked up people out there. https://www.bowhunting.com/article/vermont-woman-assaults-hunters-with-bear-spray/
  15. Big_Holla

    Slick Tricks Standards 100

    OK I understand now. Was thinking the cut-on-contact was the same as how the Viper Trick and Wicked Trick heads are set-up too. Can't say I've seen the Razor Trick heads I think.
  16. Big_Holla

    Slick Tricks Standards 100

    I've never heard of that before?! Went to the site and didn't see anything on it either. You say it was on the actual packaging for the broadhead?
  17. Big_Holla

    2022 Velvet Bucks

    Looking good Denny!
  18. Big_Holla

    New guy from WNY

  19. Big_Holla


    Bet that camper was a spinning!!
  20. Big_Holla

    Tip Toucher

    Yeah baby, very cool buck!! The one in the background is awesome too!!