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  1. Archertl


    That's an awesome buck to start the TOO season with. Congrats.
  2. Archertl

    Erie Deerie

    That is a monster buck.
  3. Archertl

    Youtube History Channel

    Here is a pretty cool youtube history channel. They look at the progression of World War Two a week at a time as it happened 75 years ago. It might be pretty fun to watch with your kids. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP1AejCL4DA7jYkZAELRhHQ
  4. Archertl

    Big thanks to Tom ArcherTL

    Thanks everyone. Had fun making these. They are based off butcher knife sheaths used in packing houses from 1900's. I did realize i won't do any more sheaths unless i have the knife in hand.
  5. Archertl

    TOO Many Squirrels - 2018

    I cant wait to get home in the late fall to knock a few down.
  6. Archertl

    Help me catch a thief -

    A little turd airman ate my lunch the other day. He claimed that it was because we had the same tupperware. I was like ya ok that explains you heating it up in the microwave but once you opened it you knew it wasnt your lunch. Yet your thieving ass still ate my spare ribs, mac and cheese and...
  7. Archertl

    cold shot

    Good shooting jamie and brock.
  8. Archertl

    Earl Williams muzzleloader

    I take that back it doesnt have a nose cap or patch box. 900 to 1000
  9. Archertl

    Earl Williams muzzleloader

    Id value it at 1200-1500.
  10. Archertl

    Friday Night Jukebox

    I dont know why i like this song so much. Maybe its because it mentions a Belgium made auto 5.
  11. Archertl

    Doggone good dog thread

    I am fostering this little border collie puppy. Of all the border collies i have tested and worked with in the past two years he his the nicest. It blows my mind that a 9 week old puppy is working sheep how an untrained adult would. He is surprising laid back when there isnt anything to do. I...
  12. Archertl

    As my wife says...Gun Porn!

    Yes it is still 8mm. The 8mm is very nice elk cartridge. I think it is because of the .30 caliber fanactics. .30-06 and .308 are like the 1911 of hunting cartridges. Its only until recently that americans have been drawn to 6.5 and 7mm mid power chamberings for big game. The .270 is an exception...
  13. Archertl

    As my wife says...Gun Porn!

    I really enjoy refurbishing these sporterzed service rifles. They are really fun to work on because most of the time they have little historical value and are cheap. This one is owned my my friend mark. It is an 8mm DWM receiver. The bolt is unmarked but is definitely not made by DWM. Somewhere...
  14. Archertl

    As my wife says...Gun Porn!

    Are they first pull double action, subsequent shots single action with a decocker and p99as or are they double action only like the p99doa. I wouldnt mind having a p99as first gen in od green. Its low on my list because i have a od green PPQ.
  15. Archertl

    Who all rides bikes?

    I have a 1986 sportster that i ride year round. It beats putting gas in the truck.
  16. Archertl

    Collecting Old Bottles.

    We found these around ruins of the original homestead on our hocking/vinton county property. Some sort of veterinary horse elixer. Four emerson drug company seltzer tablet bottles.
  17. Archertl

    As my wife says...Gun Porn!

    One of my friends dad's loaned me a Colt 1911 mark IV/series 70 to carry and shoot while i am home.
  18. Archertl

    What's For Dinner?

    Its just a ribeye with the rib attached. Some yuppie place in California started serving them like that and it got popular.
  19. Archertl

    What's For Dinner?

    Fish tacos.
  20. Archertl

    What do you do for a living?

    I am a C-17 Crew Chief in the USAF.