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  1. OhioWhiteTails

    Lost another co-worker

    It's sad that sometimes tragic and or sudden deaths bring serious perspectives on life. Hats off to the brave who find the positives in the inevitable. Sorry for your loss, but thank you for sharing.
  2. OhioWhiteTails

    What do you do to prepare

    Clothes washed and hung for two days outside. Threw them in the closet for an ozone treatment to top them off.
  3. OhioWhiteTails

    Shawnee "Big Woods" Hunt - November 17-18

    I might be inclined Jesse. We'll talk at Strouds.
  4. OhioWhiteTails

    Broadcasting corn.... Chronicles of Blue Spruce Outfitters

    That's looking very deery! Glad to see the work is starting to show some promise.
  5. OhioWhiteTails

    Full Draw Film Tour - Columbus

    Dang you made out like a thief in the night!
  6. OhioWhiteTails


    I see you got that bow shooting good enough for the trip!:cool: Congrats man!
  7. OhioWhiteTails

    Blind bale? Anything else

    I had a spell of target panic a couple of years ago during the off season. It lasted several months. Eventually I got out of it by changing a few things. There's always a shot during a session that even before you see where it landed, it just "feels" really good. Usually the arrow does find the...
  8. OhioWhiteTails

    Bigtens 2018/2019 season

    Definitely looking a little more promising!
  9. OhioWhiteTails

    1023's 2018-2019 Hunting Log

    Awesome stuff Jesse, look at that smile!
  10. OhioWhiteTails


    Finally! Some lucky SOB got it done early! Congrats to the hunter and I'm eagerly awaiting the write up. Thank you Dave, the TOO whore, for being in the know as usual!
  11. OhioWhiteTails

    Brock/Mason 2018-2019

    Yes sir, that would work for me TOO!
  12. OhioWhiteTails

    What do you do to prepare

    That looks like the Hardcore from Tru-fire, if so, that's what I'm currently using. Great release! Particularly like the fold away option on it. Keeps the "clinking" at bay while ascending and descending the stand.
  13. OhioWhiteTails

    chew, snuff, chaw, dip, etc

    Friends with boats are the best kind to have. Just sayin....
  14. OhioWhiteTails

    What do you do to prepare

    New spots of ivy are continuing to show up. Why the fugg does every perfect tree for a stand have poison ivy vines on it. Even after clearing them I still get it. Thanks Ryan for doing the grunt work, I'll handle the hard stuff next time bub...
  15. OhioWhiteTails

    Colorado DIY Archery Elk Hunt

    Sounds like a blast!
  16. OhioWhiteTails

    Strouds 2018 - Oct. 19-21

  17. OhioWhiteTails

    Erie Deerie

    Dang, that's a dandy!
  18. OhioWhiteTails

    Strouds 2018 - Oct. 19-21

  19. OhioWhiteTails

    What did you do for the deer today?

    It took a week or two last year Chad. I encouraged them with a mock scrape and eventually got them to play along. The does were hitting it too. Still trial and error at this point, but I know it ain't hurting nothing.
  20. OhioWhiteTails

    What did you do for the deer today?

    Weren't bad at all up my way Dave. Granted, I didn't venture into the timber much. Did sweat my ass off though.