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  1. Mike

    Lost another co-worker

    Thanks guys. I've attended too many funerals and memorial services in the past 22+ years. Three of them coming from my very small art department.
  2. Mike


    Lazy, Latinos are not. Them boys can work.
  3. Mike

    cold shot

    18 for 2nd quartering to
  4. Mike

    cold shot

    15. Need new target.
  5. Mike

    Lost another co-worker

    Dennis was with the company for 41 years. He wore many hats over the years, but his last role was qc in my art department. ALS took him in just over a year. Today was his memorial service and I share with you some of his words. You don't need to be religious to get the point.
  6. Mike

    The left.......

    Im in
  7. Mike

    The left.......

    The ends justify the means
  8. Mike

    cold shot

    Knocked the target over a 15. I'm very pleased with my shooting this evening. No upper body workout today helped I suppose.
  9. Mike

    What's in your man fridge ....

    Man fridge = overflow fridge
  10. Mike

    cold shot

    I'm inconsistent in many things that require skill, but I've had exceptionally great moments with all of them. Darts Pool Traditional archery Shooting Corn Hole
  11. Mike

    200 acres Ohio your pick

    NW Ohio
  12. Mike

    Buy local

    Can you share the recipe?
  13. Mike

    OhioWhiteTails 2018 TC Pics

    Nice buck!
  14. Mike

    cold shot

    I hit one good (2nd shot) from my chair and then proceeded to loose one in the thatch and hit everywhere but the vitals.
  15. Mike

    No more Bargain Cave

    I'm done with both of them.
  16. Mike

    cold shot

    Not getting out very much, but I'll take it from 18 yards.
  17. Mike

    Brock/Mason 2018-2019

    I'm the poster boy for "less is more" this season.
  18. Mike

    Never forget

    Extreme goosebumps. Heros.
  19. Mike

    Big thanks to Tom ArcherTL

    Those are sweet. Nice work Tom.