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  1. NWOHhunter

    Mercer Wildlife Area to Hold Controlled Deer Archery Hunt Drawing

    How many people showed up for the draw?
  2. NWOHhunter

    Mornin' geezer!

    monin geeeezzzeerrrrrr
  3. NWOHhunter


    awesome! congrats!
  4. NWOHhunter

    Signs of fall!

    Corn coming off here last couple days and a few bean fields
  5. NWOHhunter

    OO2 Adventure

    pretty cool! my guess is the start of a ground blind, with the ladder being there to climb in and out ?????
  6. NWOHhunter

    The better than sex smoked brisket.🤔👀

    I have only done 4 briskets, so I am far from an expert!! But make sure you take your time and don't rush it. It makes it worth it in the end! The water pan won't hurt, it will help keep it moist. I always include a little water pan in my smoker for anything I smoke. Make sure you keep us posted...
  7. NWOHhunter

    2018 2019 Goals thread

    My Goals for 2018-2019 season 1. Enjoy the time in my stand 2. Hunt for myself 3. I hope to tag one of my old friends I been watching for the last two years. 4. Take my daughter out more 5. Help out others when needed 6. Become a better hunter/person
  8. NWOHhunter

    BBS 2018 Pics

    Good luck!! Damn good stable of bucks!!
  9. NWOHhunter

    Isaac 2018 pics

    Couple nice buck!!! Good Luck this season.
  10. NWOHhunter

    200 acres Ohio your pick

    Preach on brother!!
  11. NWOHhunter

    Recovery videos

    All great post!! Awesome idea, although most of my tracking videos would have to be bleeped out! I tend to curse like a sailor as I'm following a blood trail!
  12. NWOHhunter

    200 acres Ohio your pick

    NO NO, you're confused! You mean SW Ohio host some really nice whitetails!....
  13. NWOHhunter

    200 acres Ohio your pick

    NW Ohio does not have any big bucks...I repeat,...NW Ohio DOES NOT have any big bucks... Move along people, nothing to see here!
  14. NWOHhunter

    Popcorn vs Field corn

    I don't think so, I had a woods last year, popcorn around two sides and winter wheat on the other sides. Deer all winter long in the wheat. I walked that popcorn field all winter and spring. A few spots where they turned the snow up, the wheat field always looked like some one swept it off...
  15. NWOHhunter

    Popcorn vs Field corn

    For a long time there has been a lot of pop corn grown in my county. Now this year there are only two farmers who have contracts to grow popcorn. In my experience and observations during winter time feeding, popcorn is the last resort. Usually prolonged periods of snow or cold, and later in the...
  16. NWOHhunter

    Signs of fall!

    The popcorn around here is ready to go, field corn has a couple weeks yet in general
  17. NWOHhunter

    Signs of fall!

    Thats a G-D UFO!!! ......ain't that something?!?
  18. NWOHhunter

    Hope they are still around this season

    damnnnnnn I hope you get crack at them!!!, I have bucks on camera in a one of my woods right now and in about mid nov they will move 3 miles east to another woods I can hunt. Its crazy how they change their pattern as the season progresses. ..... at least up here they do
  19. NWOHhunter

    Ohio Store's Running Out of Kool-Aide...

    I tried Cherry flavor and they won't touch it!