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    Lost another co-worker

    Sorry for your loss Thanks for sharing his message really puts things in perspective
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    What's good TOO?

    Yes excellent that is a very special call[emoji106]
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    cold shot

    Yep you need a new target That one is looking pretty sad
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    Shroom ID Thread

    Sorry I should add that is a great picture [emoji106]
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    Shroom ID Thread

    I really like his boots[emoji23]
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    Colorado DIY Archery Elk Hunt

    Great write up Thanks for taking the time to post it
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    Colorado DIY Archery Elk Hunt

    Sounds like a great experience And time well spent with family and friends
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    Colorado DIY Archery Elk Hunt

    Good luck! [emoji106]
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    N.J. 2018 Bear Season.....

    Good luck I really enjoyed following along last year. hopefully the courts will make the right decision.
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    Colorado DIY Archery Elk Hunt

    Yes that should get the adrenaline flowing
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    TOO Many Squirrels - 2018

    Man he is growing up fast Good morning to be out
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    TOO Many Squirrels - 2018

    Knox county I have not been to the cabin this year. It’s killing me but after 2 joint replacements this year my doctor says 16 weeks until my femur heals ☹️ Right now I am watching 3 squirrels in the oaks by the barn they are loaded this year
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    The 102 2018

    Looks great [emoji106]
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    2016 bow buck is back

    Sorry I just saw this What a great deer and great taxidermy
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    Picked up my 2017 buck today

    Great buck Congratulations again Mount looks excellent
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    TOO Many Squirrels - 2018

    Got out this morning myself The old .22 was on it this morning
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    Colorado DIY Archery Elk Hunt

    Good luck Enjoy the experience Hearing your first bugle is amazing Like a turkey gobbling x100
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    Favorite Movie Quotes

    Yes pulp fiction was awesome Might have to put that in the que