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  1. Hogmister13

    Grim Reaper Broadheads

    I'm sure there is a thread on this broad head and if so can somebody copy me the link. I have been shooting rage for a long time and killed alot of deer with them but it seems like there is always a penetration issue and I've started to believe its why I have also lost several deer with the...
  2. Hogmister13

    Anybody Self Film their hunts ?

    Anybody Self Film Your hunts? If so what kind of setup are you running, camera, arms, mics, ect ?
  3. Hogmister13

    Anybody Run This Camera ? Cuddeback 1309 IR Plus

    Trying to see if anybody runs this camera and what they think about it. (https://www.amazon.com/Cuddeback-1309-IR-Plus-White/dp/B01CKLS0SU/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1530855934&sr=8-3&keywords=cuddeback+camera ) . They are fairly cheap for the Brand. All my cameras go on public land so I don't...
  4. Hogmister13

    A Great Exit Stategy

    Not a big fan of bait piles but over the years I've killed a couple mature deer over them, as most people knows its difficult to enter and exit the stand without spooking the deer off the piles. I thought I would share a good tip I've learned that works great. All you need is a Free Predator...
  5. Hogmister13

    Lightest Climbing Stick ?

    I was wanting the heliums bc they cheaper and double sided but I just went ahead and ordered the Lone Wolfs. Came so close to buying the XOP's but a lot of reviews say they're heavier than what the specs call for...
  6. Hogmister13

    Lightest Climbing Stick ?

    Been trying to find a place that have the Hawk Heliums in stock but everywhere I look they sold out. Anybody know of a stick that's lighter other than the lone wolf ?
  7. Hogmister13

    Glad I went back to KY

    What part is hard to believe for you ? This is 100% the truth, why would I make it up ?
  8. Hogmister13

    Glad I went back to KY

    Thanks Everybody !
  9. Hogmister13

    Glad I went back to KY

    Yes Sir, from eastern KY. Born and raised
  10. Hogmister13

    Glad I went back to KY

    So I’ve been hunting my butt off in ohio fo a Giant deer I named big foot since Halloween. Had a lot of good hunts and passed a lot of 120s as well as a high 130 inch 8 point that I started to regret toward the end of my vacation. 8 all day sits had wore me out and I needed a recharge. Farmer...
  11. Hogmister13


    This is a copy and paste to a reply that i made to another person on baiting . Hope it helps Bait PILE? If you really mean pile... don't pile it. Take a little bit of time and scatter the corn. Deer don't need to see a 10" deep gleaming pile of corn in order to be able to find it. Also...
  12. Hogmister13

    What is the law if a deer runs on the next property after shot in Ohio?

    Some states you’re allowed to recover the deer regardless of permission so I’m just wondering about Ohio? Protocall is always get permission but what if the landower will not let you?
  13. Hogmister13

    EHD in Ohio?

    Found another buck today here In Ky. I average a finding everytime I go out now and the worst month for EHD is still yet to come. I'll be on my Ohio farm come Next weekd, hopefully it hasn't hit their.
  14. Hogmister13

    Giant with EHD is put down

    That's how they act sometimes with EHD. A lot in Ky has been put down acting the same way. https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=342061162872856&id=100012069258763
  15. Hogmister13

    Giant with EHD is put down

    Anybody know the sheriff ? what county is this ?
  16. Hogmister13

    Giant with EHD is put down

  17. Hogmister13

    EHD in Ohio?

    I've lost count how many I've found in Ky, over 40 at least in my county. Also I'm finding a lot of them nowhere near water, on ridges and thickets as well.
  18. Hogmister13

    EHD in Western PA

    I have some very disturbing videos of some big bucks being put down in ky because of EHD , on Facebook. It's getting worse as the month drags on .. some where in greenup ky which is close to Ohio line... I'll try to upload at least some screen shots of some the deer...