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  1. angelzd28

    Team Buckzilla

    Well well well, what do we have here. Looks like a bunch of buckdeer killers. Good luck everyone. Im good for hunting a lot with prob 3 or 4 close calls...........
  2. angelzd28

    State Parks Offer Special Archery Hunt Lotteries on Sept. 22

    Yep, I shot my buck on the Ravenna Controlled hunt last year and used my one and only buck tag.
  3. angelzd28

    Signs of fall!

    Corn is starting to turn in Tuscarawas County and Fair Week is coming up, its about that time!!
  4. angelzd28

    The Hunting Public

    This is the only show where I will refresh their You Tube channel because I want to actively follow what happens They do things right..............
  5. angelzd28

    Favorite Camo???

    Realtree Xtra for me, but like others have said if you are smart you can kill a deer with any pattern. I will say if you camo pattern gives you confidence, go with that brand. I think mental confidence is key when hunting, and if feeling like you have the right clothes gives you an extra edge...
  6. angelzd28

    Hard Horn

    This gets the blood flowing! Its almost time gentleman
  7. angelzd28

    Nice 1yr jump

    Not sure, either way I would almost, quite possibly with little doubt, 50% odds say that I'm not really sure, lol, Just kidding. I think it would be safe to assume that's the same deer. My guess is 3.5, either way good looking deer
  8. angelzd28

    Angelzd28 2018 TC Thread

    I know roughly where he beds, but yeah I don't hunt mornings at this spot until Nov 1. Looks like its a long hard wait till then. Ill check my cams one more time around Sept 1st, then stay out until late Oct. Then hope and pray an pray he makes a visit under my stand.........
  9. angelzd28

    Some Local Bucks in SE Ohio.

    WOW just wow!
  10. angelzd28

    Angelzd28 2018 TC Thread

    More pics of the Big 8......... hes just taunting me at this point. The question becomes how do I not push this deer out of his core area TOO early in the season?????? Its going to be a struggle because ive only seen him in daylight starting around Oct 28th, never really before. Either way...
  11. angelzd28

    What do you do for a living?

    J, that goes without saying;) And maybe pickup the occasional shed, lol
  12. angelzd28

    What do you do for a living?

    I pick up the slack for J since he retired, lol. Although he turned wrenches at the base, while I teach the fly boys how to survive. Been a USAF SERE Specialist for 9 years now. SERE stands for survive evade resist escape. We go to Ravenna Arsenal and do our Combat Survival Training 3 or 4...
  13. angelzd28

    When's your rut vacation?

    I can either do Nov 2-12 or 9-19, lets here some pros and cons. on those dates. I've been practicing with my acorn cruncher all summer, so I'm ready to go...........
  14. angelzd28

    2018 Scouting Report

    Trimmed some trees for my new XOP vanish run n gun and checked some cameras. Is anyone else as anal as me about what trees they decide do go with??? Ill have full conversations with myself about how this tree will give me a better shot to this shooting lane, and this tree 7 yards away will be...
  15. angelzd28

    Angelzd28 2018 TC Thread

    Well the other bucks have fallen off the map, but the ole trusty 8 made an appearance, 😁 A new young 8 also showed up which is exciting for the future. The season cant get here soon enough.
  16. angelzd28

    Bucks in the Beans.

    Oh yeah, some nice ones!
  17. angelzd28

    Tall Chads Illinois Adventure Begins Soon.........

    Sweet, cant wait to follow this one, good luck Chad
  18. angelzd28

    DEAL Swhacker Broadheads

    Yep, just purchased a package and had them delivered yesterday! The next cheapest I could find was Walmart for $22.
  19. angelzd28

    The Fin

    Like you Chad, all I buy there are Arrows and my muzzleloader a couple years ago. Overpriced on clothes and other items. Usually I get hands on an item, then buy it online as prices are almost always cheaper even when including shipping. For example, just bought a pack of Shwacker broad heads on...