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  1. Dannmann801

    NSFW Nothing about Nothing

  2. Dannmann801

    NSFW Nothing about Nothing

    This is just fucked up LOL
  3. Dannmann801

    State Parks Offer Special Archery Hunt Lotteries on Sept. 22

    I went to Caesar Creek - there were about 40 people there. They drew 18 numbers. The second number drawn was 42 - the guy I was sitting talking to beforehand, and right in line before me. My number was #43. They drew 45, 46, 41, 40. The very last number drawn: 43:) I've never tried for...
  4. Dannmann801

    NSFW Nothing about Nothing

    Excellent Smithers...more corny jokes to add to the arsenal...."tooth hurty"....LOLOL
  5. Dannmann801

    John Deere

    Interesting read about the beloved John Deere The whole article culminates/sums up with this sentence near the end: Instead of presenting a unified right-to-repair front, this milquetoast agreement muddies the conversation. More worryingly, it could cement a cultural precedent for electronics...
  6. Dannmann801

    Lost another co-worker

    Thanks for sharing that Mike.
  7. Dannmann801


    Very cool! Congratulations on a fine harvest :cool:
  8. Dannmann801

    State Parks Offer Special Archery Hunt Lotteries on Sept. 22

    Do you have to have a climber stand like I've read about in some municipal hunts for safety, or can you ground hunt?
  9. Dannmann801

    State Parks Offer Special Archery Hunt Lotteries on Sept. 22

    So I don't get it - what's the advantage of being in a "controlled hunt" at Caesars Creek - public land where I'm going to be hunting already? Is it somewhere where you're not currently allowed? Do they parade the deer in front of you? Do they have hot chicks driving around in a drink cart...
  10. Dannmann801

    N.J. 2018 Bear Season.....

    So I went to the Sportsmen's Alliance webpage to see if there was any info about NJ and they had an article on your douchy governor's move....at the end of the article they said "The Sportsmen’s Alliance is evaluating its legal options to protect New Jersey sportsmen, public-land hunters, state...
  11. Dannmann801

    Colorado DIY Archery Elk Hunt

    Coolest thread of the year! Thanks for sharing the whole story. (y)
  12. Dannmann801

    Erie Deerie

    I would be more than happy to greet him there...invite him to dinner :eek:;)
  13. Dannmann801

    Strouds 2018 - Oct. 19-21

    Safety first? Safety sux.
  14. Dannmann801

    N.J. 2018 Bear Season.....

    I hope our friends at USSA are on the job and getting up your governor's ass with some legal action.
  15. Dannmann801

    NSFW Nothing about Nothing

    Listening to Cody Jinks Album name "Adobe Sessions" outfuckingstanding Just sayin' that is all
  16. Dannmann801

    Harvest thread/pics

    #3&4 this week.. brown and down
  17. Dannmann801

    TOO Harvest Video: 2017-2018 Season Highlights

    Dude that was freakin' awesome, AGAIN! Thanks so much.
  18. Dannmann801

    Given Your Choice.....

    Which one has the bigger body/most meat? :cool: