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  1. brock ratcliff

    Damn, I’m giddy!

    YES! It's good to have something completely positive to look forward to!
  2. brock ratcliff

    Ohio Camp gets a Cabin

    Very,very nice!
  3. brock ratcliff

    Blind bale? Anything else

    Ha. YouTube rules!
  4. brock ratcliff

    Mock Scrape

    I usually just pee on the ground where I want to get pics of deer. I had my cams out for a week with no mock scrapes, not much action on the cams. We will see if it made much of a difference on the next cam check.
  5. brock ratcliff

    Blind bale? Anything else

    AT, thought this might give you a little insight into what a hinge style release can do for you. First, you need to understand that Mason had target panic about as bad as anyone I've ever seen. It generally reared it's ugly head when he was shooting a lot. Generally on a 3D course or when...
  6. brock ratcliff

    Brock/Mason 2018-2019

    Here is a clip I just filmed. Mason wanted to launch an arrow with a Lumenok just to make sure they flew the same as the standard Eastons. I'd say they are pretty darn close. The shot was at 50 yards. He's shooting a Scott Longhorn Hunter hinge style (back tension). He plans to hunt...
  7. brock ratcliff

    Brock/Mason 2018-2019

    Mason and I made it up to our honey hole yesterday to clear lanes and check cams. I feel like I can get pics of good bucks on most any farm, except this one. I have always struggled to get em there, even knowing precisely where they often travel. True to form, after a week, I had one...
  8. brock ratcliff

    Team MacDaddy

    Good luck teammates!
  9. brock ratcliff

    Baiting Mature Bucks.

    It's the early season curse. If we get nasty weather in January, it's my absolute favorite time. No one else is outside. No hikers, bikers, nothing. Not even distant barking dogs. Hopefully he didn't mess up your chances. I doubt he did. I think deer can tell a difference...
  10. brock ratcliff

    State Parks Offer Special Archery Hunt Lotteries on Sept. 22

    ...and when he drew your number he called, "35" Ha.
  11. brock ratcliff

    Finally made it

  12. brock ratcliff

    cold shot

    That is awesome, Jamie! I hope he shows back up when you are prepared to deal with him!
  13. brock ratcliff

    State Parks Offer Special Archery Hunt Lotteries on Sept. 22

    Thanks for posting! I'll be checking into deer creek!
  14. brock ratcliff

    cold shot

    You fellas are ready!
  15. brock ratcliff

    Lake Erie Bite

    One of these days...
  16. brock ratcliff

    Blind bale? Anything else

    Another trick to keep it together through the shot; don't blink. It's human nature to want to see the arrows flight and impact. So out mind will say shoot and get the bow out of the way so we can see the arrow. All this happens without concious thought and results in our not having the best...
  17. brock ratcliff

    Blind bale? Anything else

    50 yards just now First two arrows I've launched from my hunting bow in several days. Just aim
  18. brock ratcliff


    Nice one! Congratulations!
  19. brock ratcliff

    1023's 2018-2019 Hunting Log

    Those are sweet memories to make, Jesse. My little girl used to follow me through to woods every time I went. Now she's a junior in college and hardly goes outside. Enjoy every minute, the pass too quickly.
  20. brock ratcliff


    This is exactly why I HATE these threads... 12 hours.... Congratulations to whomever. Milo, take your hammer to Dave's coyote den.