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  1. Dustinb80

    Baiting Mature Bucks.

    Good luck to her. Nice buck.
  2. Dustinb80

    What do you do to prepare

    Oh damn. Hope she is recovering quickly
  3. Dustinb80

    Broadheads for Bears....

    Dead Ringer 3 blade. http://www.deadringerhunting.com/product/freak-nasty-extreme/
  4. Dustinb80

    Damn, I’m giddy!

    Glad to hear it Mike, its about time to get after it. Good luck this year
  5. Dustinb80

    Mornin' geezer!

  6. Dustinb80

    Pink Ribbon Season

    Hope you reach your goal.
  7. Dustinb80

    What do you do to prepare

    Just bought mine today.
  8. Dustinb80

    Pink Ribbon Season

    Do you have a link for people who might like to donate? Good luck to your wife.
  9. Dustinb80

    Baiting Mature Bucks.

    Oh wtf
  10. Dustinb80

    Mornin' geezer!

  11. Dustinb80

    Team Hercules

    Good luck to you guys this season.
  12. Dustinb80

    Ohio Camp gets a Cabin

    Looks great. Enjoy
  13. Dustinb80

    Mornin' geezer!

  14. Dustinb80

    Finally made it

    Congrats bub
  15. Dustinb80

    New to the site

    Very nice
  16. Dustinb80

    2018 Buckeye Football Thread

    GO IRISH!!!
  17. Dustinb80

    Mossberg 500 Slug Gun

  18. Dustinb80

    New to the site

    Welcome aboard. Great place here. Care to share some pics?
  19. Dustinb80

    Mornin' geezer!